What He Really Thinks About Your Lingerie

You’re wracking your brain, looking for the perfect set of lingerie to wear for your man. Do you go with something bare and naughty? Sleek and sexy? Something that clings tight or lets your curves speak for themselves? We’ve gathered up five guys to tell us what they are looking for in a sexy little number for their wives and girlfriends.

Michael – 52: Don’t go overboard with the colors. I want to be able to look at you and enjoy the moment, not have my eyes burned out by neon colors. Blacks, whites, darker colors – ones that will accentuate your curves without any distraction. The same goes for complex patters and animal prints. Yes, it might look sexy on the shelves, but not so much on your body.

Leon – 37: Make sure it fits correctly! Tight is sexy, but not so tight that it actually does more harm than good. I want to be able to enjoy you in your outfit, but I also want you to be happy as well. If you’re concentrating on fixing traps, pulling out misplaced thongs or trying to manage in something that won’t let you bend over, you’re going to be distracted. I want to be the only thing that distracts you!What He Really Thinks About Your LingerieReece – 23: If you don’t know how to undo it, don’t wear it.I LOVE to watch my girlfriend slip out of something sexy. The whole striptease thing is amazing – but can totally turn into a downer when you’re obviously struggling to undo the buttons, straps, laces and fasteners. Or worse, if I have to end up giving you a hand and have trouble myself.

Rich – 27: Wear some accessories that you can take out of the bedroom. I love it when my wife wears a certain necklace or a certain pair of shoes when she’s donning her lingerie – then wears it out at a later time. Nothing’s hotter than looking across at my wife while she’s wearing the set of earrings that she wore when we had amazing sex a few nights before.

Bill – 32: If you’re not confident in it, don’t wear it. Some guys like the whole barely-there thing. Others want layers so they can watch you take it off. I want my wife to wear whatever she feels the most sexiest in. Sure, sometimes it may take a few well-placed compliments for her to realize she DOES look hot in something, but at the end of the day I want her a happy and confident lady in the bedroom.