What His Zodiac Sign Says About Him

So what does his zodiac sign say about him in the bedroom? Whether you believe that star signs can give you a glimpse into a person’s inner personality or not, they can definitely be an ice breaker for those first time conversations!

Aries: No Holding Back – Guys who were born under this sign have no issue at all with telling you exactly what’s on their mind. The down side? They can get caught up in that moment and forget that communication is a two way street.

Taurus: Slow Buildups – Aries may be one that’s quick to the goal, a Taurus will wine and dine you until you’re truly spoiled. Romance is the main game for this sign, but be ready for a long buildup to the climax.

Gemini: The Phone Sex Expert – This star sign loves to talk – and when it comes to phone sex, there’s no sign that’s better at it than the Gemini. The only problem with this sign when it comes to seduction is that it may be hard for you to get a word in!

Cancer: Emotional Lover – Sex isn’t just an act for Cancers – it’s an emotional experience to be savored. This sign loves it slow and romantic, so be ready for a whole lot of post-sex cuddles.What His Zodiac Sign Says About HimLeo: It’s All About Me – These lions are born leaders and that includes in the bedroom as well. Be ready to give up control to this Dominant in the bedroom.

Virgo: The Hidden Nymphomaniac – You might think that your Virgo date is all sweet and innocent, but wait until you get back to his place and see what’s in store. Once you’ve broken through their shy shell, you won’t be left alone!

Libra: The High Class Lover – Libra lovers enjoy the finer things in their sex lives – high end sex toys, expensive lingerie, pricy hotel rooms and expensive champagne to start off the night. Be ready to be spoiled!

Scorpio: Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em – Scorpios love sex, but they tend to concentrate more on their own pleasure than those of their partner. Great for no strings attached one night stands, not so much for longer term relationships.

Sagittarius: The Seducer – This star sign seems to enjoy the hunt more than the catch. They’re great at seduction and getting what they want, but when it comes to longer term relationships, they start to wane.

Capricorn: Slow and Steady – This isn’t the sign to turn to when you want something quick and dirty. Stick with this sign for the long term and you’ll eventually be greatly rewarded.

Aquarius: The Sex Toy Hoarder – This is Adam and Eve’s favorite sign! If you’re into battery powered pleasure products, this sign is for you. He’s ready to break out the toys and see how far he can take you.

Pisces: The Teddy Bear – The Pisces loves love and can connect with you on a number of levels. The down side being, that like a cuddly stuffed animal, you may have to do all the work. He’s rather be seduced than be the seducer.

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