What To Do When He Won’t Use A Condom

Is your fella feeding you excuses about not wanting to use a condom? There are some guys that need more than a few reminders that protection from STDs and pregnancy are both of your responsibilities and condoms are an acceptable part of that arrangement. Here are a few common reasons guys give for not wanting to use a condom, and ways you can work around that.

I don’t like the way they feel. This is the most common collection of excuses that the Adam and Eve team hears about not wanting to use a condom. They’re too tight. They don’t feel as good as a bare penis does. They’re uncomfortable. They chafe. Fortunately, there are a variety of condom styles to overcome these variety of reasons. For the well-endowed guys who think that normal condoms are too small, larger varieties like Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Condoms. If the thickness of a standard condom makes the experience less for the male lover, thinner varieties like the Adam & Eve Ultra-Thin Condoms. Chafing may be because the condom is too big – smaller condoms like the Lifestyles Snugger Fit may do the trick!

I’ve been snipped. If this is a rather recent occurrence (as in he’s had his surgery within the last few weeks) there is still the chance of pregnancy. Guys need to get tested after the surgery has healed to be sure it’s taken correctly. Technically, you’re still not 100% safe against pregnancy even if the surgery was longer ago.  If the guy has gone through a vasectomy, that will do nothing to diminish the risk of STDs. The viruses still live in the ejaculate, which is still expelled during an orgasm. The vasectomy just stops the sperm itself from being combined with the semen.  Use a condom to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

What To Do When He Wont Use A Condom

They’re too expensive. Even if you’re struggling to afford the few dollars that a box of condoms cost, there are alternatives. Buying condoms bulk, like the Pleasure Condom Sampler 75-pack, will cost more at the outset, but save you money over time. Still struggling? If you have family planning clinics, college health offices or other low income health providers in your area, many of them give out condoms for free.

I’m allergic to them. Latex allergies are becoming more and more common these days, so this may actually be a truthful reason for him to be reluctant to use a condom. You can also have sensitivities to any included lubricant, spermicide, scent or flavoring. In the last few years, many condom manufacturers are using non-latex alternatives for their products. Sheepskin condoms made from animal products can protect against pregnancy, but not STDs. Polyurethane and other materials area also used to make non-latex condoms. Some of these even feel better than your basic latex condom. You can also purchase ‘dry’ condoms without any form of lubricant included, leaving you to provide one that you know agrees with his skin.

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