What to Wear for Halloween?

Who says we’re totally over the sexy nurse, sexy cat, and sexy whatever costumes? I don’t think we’ll ever get over them. Last year, I was Lindsey Lohan in an orange jail outfit. Epic fail. I didn’t get the attention that I want even if I was wearing a sexy blond wig and handcuffs. And worst of all, party-goers didn’t recognize me until they asked what I was playing.

So this year, I decided to just play safe. You can’t go wrong with sexy outfits like school girl, nurse, or maid costumes. They are still as in as they were in the past years. Sexy costumes like the ones I’ve mentioned will undoubtedly attract guys. Why? Because they’re sexy! You can find a lot of costumes anywhere. But since you’re already here, I’d like to tell that you can find some sexy costumes that you can wear for Halloween parties at my sponsor’s website, Adam and Eve.

The great thing about these costumes is that, you won’t only be able to use them during the party but also even after the party! You can turn your lover on with a role playing costume that he might have fantasized about for a very long time. Make your lover’s fantasies come true and you’ll surely get your next costume before the year ends. 😉