When All Else Fails, Penis Extensions

 Your wife wants something longer. Or thicker. Or harder. Or something that won’t go limp as quickly. You don’t want to take any medications to help with her insatiable sexual appetite. Penis pumps really aren’t your thing either. So what can you do to keep your lady happy without resorting to just handing her a dildo? You can put on a penis extension and still enjoy those intimate moments.

At their most basic, penis extensions are a bit like strap on dildos, with the difference being that the phallus is hollow. The man’s penis (which can be either erect or flaccid) is placed inside the extension, which is then strapped around the man’s waist. These are the most secure options, with models like The Perfect Extension. One of the reasons why so many couples enjoy the strap versions is that the ladies can wear it too, if you’re a couple who is into pegging or in relationships with multiple women.

Other models are strapless, like the Medium Natural Extension. These rely on suction to keep the tips in place. They also require an erect penis, so aren’t for men who are using penis extensions for erection difficulties. Once the penis is erect, it’s lubricated and slid into the opening of the extender. A quick squeeze will press all the air out of the extender, keeping the tip where it belongs. Many tips can be cut down to size, which is great for couples who are using penis extensions for desensitization and not so much for a larger size.When All Else Fails, Penis ExtensionsLastly, there are penis extensions like the Real Feel Penis Extender that are more on the softer side. These are great for guys who want to still be able to have some feeling when wearing the extensions, but want that added girth to please their woman. Styles like this leave the head of the penis exposed – keep this in mind if condoms are part of your safe sex plan. If your flexible extension is made from silicone, you don’t want to use latex condoms to cover it up. (Generally, the added friction from penis extenders means you should not be using condoms at all, as the risk of breakage is higher.)

The down sides to using penis extensions over other penile enhancement methods? With the majority of them, you lose some level of sensation. With the softer penis extenders, there is some transfer of heat and friction down to the actual shaft. Most, though, completely dull the sense and are truly made just for the lover’s pleasure. The up side being that your partner will be experiencing something they certainly won’t be forgetting any time soon!