When Facials Go Wrong – Solving The Semen In The Eye Sting

Did your man get a bit adventurous when he ejaculated? Did you forget to close your eyes for a facial? Maybe you rubbed your eye after a hand job? You may be reading this with one eye closed now that you’ve got a bit of semen in your eye and you’re suffering. So why does semen hurt so much when it gets in your eye? How can you get the pain to stop?

First off, let’s look at the composition of semen. Among its ingredients is citric acid, sialic acid and various amino acids. That’s a whole lot of acid! This is what causes the sting that you feel when you get semen into your eye and can last a while unless you act quickly.

The first thing you want to do when you get semen in your eye is to get somewhere that you can run water over your face – a bathroom or kitchen sink will work, but a shower is even better. Whatever you do, don’t open your eye and don’t rub your eyes. This will only spread the semen and create more of the burning sensation. Run water over your face for several minutes until all the ejaculate has been flushed away. Once you are certain all the semen is off of your face, you can then open your eyes to start flushing it away from your eyeball. We suggest you cup water into your hand and place it over your opened eye rather than letting the full blast of the shower assault your eyeballs. When this process is done, you may still feel a bit of a sting. Using eye drops can help relieve this pain and encourage your eyes to flush themselves.semen in the eyeThere is something else that you need to be concerned about when semen gets into your eyes, though – the spread of STDs. The blood vessels in the eye are very abundant, and can easily be infected with any  number of sexually transmitted diseases. Just like you would get yourself checked out if you had unprotected sex with someone with questionable STD status, you need to get yourself tested if you have got semen in your eye from your possibly-infected lover. Something as simple as an eye infection could be treated with basic antibiotics, but you could also open yourself up to other STDs such as herpes or chlamydia.

So how can you prevent getting semen in your eyes? The most obvious advice is to be sure that your lover doesn’t ejaculate on your face. If you do enjoy the occasional facial, though, be sure your lover warns you before he comes so that you can tightly close your eyes in the vent of splatter.  In this case, sharing certainly is caring!

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