When The Cats Away…

 Guys – your wife or girlfriend away this Valentine’s Day? Stuck on those long business trips away from your lover? Or are you a single guy who just wants an upgrade from your standard solo session? Realistic masturbators bring the solo fun of self-pleasure and combines it with sex toys that resemble actual body parts. While the majority of these toys are molded to look and feel like a vagina, you’ll also find mouths, asses and even breasts for an enhancement to your standard masturbation session. Typically, realistic masturbators come in two styles – hand held versions, and standalone sets that you have sex with. Here are our pick for the mice who want to play while the cat is away!

The Gripper – Designed to look and feel like one of the most popular realistic masturbators on the market, but without the heafty price tag, The Gripper is a realistic vagina masturbator that can be hidden away quite easily. The suction created by this toy tugs on the penis, giving you another layer of pleasure that you sometimes don’t even have with the real thing. The textured interior stimulates the tip and sides of your penis in a way that you can only described with muffled grunts and groans. Go ahead – try it!male masturbatorSasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal – Want to try out one of the most famous porn stars of the 21st century? Even though Sasha Grey has retired from adult movies, her mouth skills live on in the Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal. This best-selling realistic mouth masturbator is molded directly from the starlet’s mouth, capturing all her delicious features. Unlike other masturbators, this one is single entry, giving you that full on suction power that will mimic your own personal porn star blowjob.

Foxy’s Booty Parlor – Looking for some back door action? The Foxy’s Booty Parlor is a realistic ass mastubator made with lifelike feeling TPR. This is a short and tight toy for the guy who is worried he’s not ‘big’ enough for your standard larger masturbators. This back side is a great toy to take with you as it’s easy to hide away in the inner pocket of your suitcase or gym bag. Be sure to use a water based lube to keep the materials in the masturbator lasting as long as they can.

Junk-In-Da-Trunk Masturbator – If you want to move beyond the hand held realistic masturbators and focus on something more substantial, stand alone sex toys like the Junk-In-Da-Trunk Masturbator may be the investment toy you’re looking for. We know a lot of couples who use toys like this as part of their threesome fantasies, as well as guys who just want to try something other than the standard hand helds. Be sure you take care of these lovelies, as they do tend to be on the expensive side when compared to their smaller pleasure providing cousins!