When Your Standard Panties Just Won’t Cut It

Ever look into your underwear drawer before a night out and thought to yourself that you’ve got nothing to wear? Sure, there are times when those 4-pack briefs are needed, and that super slinky g-string fits the bill, but what about when you want something fresh? Something that will get him going even more than a thong? We’ve got the low down on a few styles of underwear that just might be your next lingerie purchase!

Vibrating Panties – While most vibrating panties have the standard brief styles – g-strings, boy shorts, and The Little Black Thong, they have something additional that sets them out from the rest of the underwear drawer. Vibrating panties contain small pockets for bullet vibrators. Some of the styles like the Vibrating Boy Shorts, you turn on the vibe and tuck it in, while others use a remote to control the hidden surprise. Imagine giving your lover the remote control before a quiet dinner out? May not last that quiet for very long!

Crotchless Panties – When easy access is needed, crotchless panties are the way to go! We’ve found that ladies who love to have sex in place where a quick escape is needed love wearing crotchless panties. There’s one less garment to fiddle around with if you need to make a quick escape! Crotchless panties like the Irresistible Crotchless Lace Panty still have the full back coverage that some ladies are looking for, while others like the Madame Butterfly Open Crotch Thong continue on with the ‘barely there’ theme.Assless Panties – Ready to get a good spanking without taking off those knickers? Assless panties don’t just mean those with a small thong or G-string. We mean that there’s NOTHING there! Some use a peek-a-boo window to give you ass-access like the Open Back Floral Panty. Others, like the Eve’s Crotchless Bow & Rhinestone Panty are completely bare. Not only are those who want quick access for anal sex, they are great for role playing involving skirts and spankings!

Panty Harnesses – Moving away from receiving pleasure for these super sexy panty styles, it’s time to check out the giving end! If you’re into strap ons but don’t want the belts and buckles associated with harnesses, panty harnesses like the Love Rider Hipster Harness allow you to wear something as comfortable as your cotton undies, but still pack a bit more. The down side to panty harnesses is that dildos that are a bit on the heavier side tend to droop if the harness isn’t tight enough, but thankfully many harness sets come with their own lightweight dildos. Now you can be the one that gets asked “Do you have something in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?”