Which Naughty Nurse Do You Need

 Oh yes – it’s that great time of the year when ladies have all the excuse in the world to dress up in sexy costumes and get their role play fantasies under way! With Halloween merely weeks away, it’s time we start checking out some of the hot Halloween costumes available at Adam and Eve. The first stop on our sexy dress up tour is the classic “naughty nurse” costume. No matter how much skin you’re looking to show, Adam and Eve have a version of this hot outfit for all sizes, shapes and budgets.

Doctor’s Orders Bedroom Costume – This three piece naughty nurse costume set is great for ladies who are looking to show a bit more skin. The bottom starts with a pair of booty hugging boy shorts designed in that classic red and white color scheme for nurse outfits. Moving upward, the plunged neck halter top keeps just enough covered that you could possibly wear this out in public, but we’d keep it to the more “adult” establishments! The snap front closure and the tied neck make it easy to adjust this naughty nurse costume top to most breast sizes. Finally you’ve got the added accessory of a laced nurses’ cap to top off the look. The Doctor’s Orders Bedroom Costume comes in sizes ranging from small (4 to 60) up to a XL (16).Which Naughty Nurse Do You NeedNaughty Nurse – Not quite that daring as to show that much skin this Halloween? The Naughty Nurse costume takes the kinky caregiver theme and takes it down to something slightly more covering. One again we’ve got a three piece sexy nurse costume set. This time around, we’ve got a white mini skirt with a red “belt”, a spaghetti strap tank top that ends right under the bust line, and a cute little nurses’s hat to finish off the look. We’d suggest adding on your own white stockings and play stethoscope to tie it all together. The Naughty Nurse costume also comes in sizes from small to XL.

Bedroom Nurse – The last costume out of the three being featured today has the most coverage out of the three, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t show a lot of skin! The plunging neck line of the two piece Bedroom Nurse costume leaves enough cleavage exposed for everyone who enjoys their “T” as much as their “A”! The main part of this outfit is the halter top dress, detailed with the red cross that lets everyone know you are there to “help”. This costume also comes with a nurse’s cap that easily ties in the back. The other great quality of the Bedroom Nurse naughty Halloween costume is that it is available in a plus size – 14 to 20, as well as a smaller 2 to 12.

Still not ready to completely take the job as a naughty nurse? Adam and Eve also have a number of adult films that fit in this theme, including “Nurses”, “Hello Nurse” and “Nurses of Boobsville!”.