Why I Choose Penis Sleeves Over Little Blue Pills


Like a lot of older guys, I needed a bit of help in the “bigger/harder/longer lasting” department. Age started creeping up on me, but my (and my wife’s) sex drive didn’t go down at all. The problem is, my erection was. I can still get it up, but it’s not as hard as it used to be. It can stay up for a while, but not as long as it used to last.  While my wife never said a thing about the changes my dick was seemingly going though, I certainly noticed it. It got to the point where I was so worried about it that I mentioned it to my doc at my annual physical. Of course he recommended the little blue pill that’s now more than famous.

I hated the idea of needing to take pills to have a decent sex life. Besides the fact that it’s a medical prescription that I don’t have the time nor money to go and get, I’d much prefer to keep as many chemicals out of my body. So I looked for alternatives – and found penis sleeves.  If you’ve got in your head the thought of a hard plastic dick that slides over your own, leaving you feeling nothing other than the inside surface of this fake dick, you’re way behind on the times. While those style of penis sleeves still exists, there are ones out there that lead to a much more satisfactory sex life.

I’ve got two different styles of penis enhancers, each having their own qualities. For the times when I want to feel as much as I can, I use my Real Feel Penis Enhancer. Basically, this is a silicone sleeve that you slip over your dick. The tip is open, which makes cleaning up a whole lot easier, and there’s an attachment for a mini bullet vibrator for a bit of a thrill for her. This style isn’t as “hard” as the old fashioned penis sleeves, but it does a good job at helping me stay hard enough for penetration, and desensitizing enough for me to last longer. I can also feel a lot more through the sleeve than I can with the other style that I use.

My second one is one that my wife picked out, for when she want something more intense. My Cyberskin Extension is certainly more of an “enhancement” than something to help me out. It adds about four inches of dildo to the end of my own penis – and it’s a lot harder than I could ever get, even before age started having its effect. It’s more of a fantasy dildo for her, but one that I’m more than willing to take part in. I can still feel a bit of “her” on my tip through the sleeve, but more of my gratification comes from making her cum….and the “thank you” blowjobs I tend to get afterward.

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