Why Silicone Toys Are An Orgasm Above The Rest

 There is a reason that silicone based sex toys are the preferred toys of sex toy reviewers, adult movie studios, cam girls and pleasure product aficionados all over the globe – they are simply a cut above the rest on so many levels. The problem is sometimes these toys can have a higher price than their lesser quality counterparts. So why should you spend more on higher priced silicone sex toys?

Durability – Unlike sex toys made of less expensive materials, silicone toys are designed to last for years. While jelly toys can crack and split over time, and PVC toys may discolor or warp in hot water washes, silicone toys can take a beating. We know silicone sex toy owners that have used their toys on a regular basis for many years, and their toys looking just like they did when they popped them out of the package.

Combination of sturdiness and flexibility – Jelly toys tend to be quite soft, and have a difficult time ‘standing up’ under pressure. PVC toys are ridged, with no give when a bit of flexibly would be great. Silicone have the perfect combination of enough rigidity for easy penetration, but enough flexibility to mimic a real erect penis. There’s no need to swap between a ‘warm up’ toy and a ‘penetration’ toy as silicone toys can cover both roles.Why Silicone Toys Are An Orgasm Above The RestEasy to clean – Want a quick and simple way to wash your silicone sex toys? Once you’ve quickly rinsed off any larger clumps of body fluid, stick them in the top drawer of your dishwasher and send it through a normal cycle! Not only can the silicone stand the higher temps, it will actually sterilize your toy as well. If you’d rather keep your sex toys a bit more private, you can also boil your toys in a pot of water on the stovetop. A five minute boil will also sterilize your toys for the next use. This is why silicone sex toys are so popular with adult movie studios – easy to bulk clean after a shoot!

There are a few things you need to be aware of when choosing silicone toys over your standard PVC or jelly varieties. When using sex toys made from silicone, you need to use water based sex lubricants. Using a silicone lube – including condoms that are pre-lubricated with a silicone lube – can lead to your toys breaking down over time. If you’re going to be sharing your sex toys and use condoms to keep them safe, use a dry condom or those that use a water based lubricant. Other than that, there are really no reasons that you would turn your head from a high quality silicone sex toy, is there?