Why You Will Love the Upgraded Magic Massager

You know that feeling…when your favorite product has been transformed and upgraded. It’s amazing, because it’s the same product you have always loved, but now it’s better. That’s exactly the case with the new and improved Adam and Eve Magic Massager. This whopping vibrator has been know for giving earth-shattering orgasms, but now it may be known for giving universe-shattering orgasms, because the all new Adam and Eve Massager Deluxe 8X has numerous new and exciting functions that will make this vibrator your new best friend.

Here are some of the best features on this upgraded vibrator.

1. The Magic Vibrator Deluxe offers 8 orgasmic settings. On the first generation Magic Vibrator, you received only a high and low setting. Well, with this upgrade you get 8 different settings. This means that you can start at the bottom and then slowly work your way to the highest setting to give yourself one of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had. It’s no wonder why the Magic Vibrator is one of the most top selling vibrators.Why You Will Love the Upgraded Magic Massager

2. New and designed shape, and feel, makes this vibrator more intuitive. It may look like the first generation Magic Vibrator, but the shape and feel is actually quite different. For one thing, it feels smoother and lighter, which are important factors when you are masturbating or engaging in foreplay. You don’t necessarily need something that is too heavy or burdensome. This deluxe Magic Vibrator will feel great – not only when you use it, but also when you hold it. Sometimes, the tactile experience of using a sex toy can be really important.

3. The flexible spring operated head covers more of your erogenous contours. Another great updated feature is the more flexible spring operated head, which allows you to have much more diversity when you are having a little alone time between sheets. Moreover, this flexibility will help you find that sweet spot. The truth of the matter is that the Magic Vibrator can cover a large area of your erogenous zone, so you want to be able to position the vibrator in such a way that it provides the most pleasure. With this new and improved classic, you’ll have no problem.

In the end, the Adam and Eve Magic Massager has been a classic sex toy. Because it has a cord, you never have to worry about batteries. You just plug in and fire up. Well, with the Adam and Even Magic Massager deluxe, you can fire up and get so many more vibration settings. In the end, you may not want to throw out your first generation magic massager, but it will be spending a lot more time in your naughty shelf.