Would You Go Out With Yourself?

At one point or another, we all go in search of that special someone. Maybe you’ve found them, but they aren’t quite as receptive to the relationship as you are. Have you ever stepped back and applied what you’re looking for in a partner to yourself? Would you actually go out with yourself? When we sat down with ten singles and asked them what they were looking for in a partner, and if they have that quality themselves, this is what we discovered.

“I’m looking for someone who has their life under control – all their affairs in order.” What this mean to our panel was that the possible partner wasn’t struggling with things on a day to day basis. They weren’t panicking over bills that were due, they had a steady job, they enjoyed their family – their life wasn’t chaos. This would lead to less distractions in their dating life.

“I want someone who is passionate about their life.” Whether this meant they loved their job, they had a hobby that fulfilled them, or they had children who made them happy, all our panel members agreed that there must be some kind of ‘spark’ in that person’s life that brings them joy.

“I don’t want a player.” While this was mentioned by a few of the ladies in the group, the men agreed as well that a partner who is flirty and fun, but there comes a point where it crosses the line from cute to creepy. They prefer someone who is charming yet classy – not crass and rude.Would You Go Out With Yourself

“Honesty is a massive make-or-break quality for me.” One of the most agreed on qualities is an honest partner. Right from the start, date number one, the singles we chatted with agreed that there’s no substitution for the truth. Even in the case where someone had qualities they didn’t like, being honest about it was a step better than hiding it or lying about it.

“Please be polite – to everyone!” You can tell a lot from a person by how they treat their mother and the waiter in the restaurant. Your potential partner can be the most charming person in the world to you, but seeing how they handle people they aren’t all too happy with gives you a possible insight into the future.

“Be faithful to your partner.” Unless you’re looking for a polyamorous relationship, you ideally want your date to be single before you start your own relationship with them. Entering the dating scene before your old relationship has run its course is something the majority of the panel agreed was a bad move.

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