Your Spring Cleaning Guide to Cleaning Your Sex Toys

It’s springtime, which means it’s also tax time, wedding time, and it’s time to clean your house – not very romantic or fun, right? However, sex and masturbation is one of the best ways to alleviate stress, which means that you may want to add cleaning your sex toys to your spring-cleaning list. It is recommended to clean your sex toys after every use, but you may want to get in and do a deeper clean – just to make sure that your toys are free of germs and bacteria. Here is your ultimate spring-cleaning guide to making sure your sex toys are free of dirt, detritus and germs.

1. Don’t soak your electronic sex toys – use a light soap and a damp rag. There are many sex toys that have complicated parts and functions, which you certainly don’t want to get wet. This is why you want to use a light rag and a little soap to clean these erotic tools.

2. Glass sex toys can run directly under water, but you want to use an unscented soap. Glass sex toys are essentially waterproof, so you can dunk them under water and soak them in an unscented soap. Why unscented? Well, when you use scented soaps, it could irritate your skin when you use the sex toy again. You can usually read the label to make sure a certain soap is unscented.Your Spring Cleaning Guide to Cleaning Your Sex Toys

3. Sex toys with realistic skin must be dried with a towel after cleaning, because you don’t want them to completely dry out. If have dildos or pocket pussies with realistic skin, you want to be sure that you clean them thoroughly and then dry them thoroughly. If you let these sex toys sit out and dry, the moisture could evaporate completely. This will leave your sex toy feeling dry and not very erotic. You can use a dry towel or rag to dry off your realistic sex toy.

4. Make sure that your sex toy is waterproof before you clean it. It is important to look at the description of your sex toy, it may be safe to clean them underwater. Even some complicated vibrators are safe for cleaning under water, so you don’t have to worry about short-circuiting anything. You can then take that sex toy right into the bath.

5.  Find a cool, dry place to store your sex toys. On top of everything, you want to find a safe place to keep your sex toys. The last thing you want is to throw clean toys back in your naughty drawer and let them get covered in germs and lint. In the end, keeping your sex toys safe will also protect them, so that they last longer and continue to enhance your sex life.

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