Your Ultimate Guide To Shooting Naughty Pictures

 Taking dirty pictures with your lover can be an enlightening experience – and a sexy one too. Sometimes taking a few boudoir photos of yourself and your partner can make for great foreplay. There is something so dirty, wrong, but oh so right about taking nude photos of yourself. It also takes a lot of confidence and courage. Yet, you have to take a few considerations before you start taking dirty pictures of yourself and your lover. The last thing you want is for the photos to leak on the Internet. Here is your ultimate guide to shooting naughty pictures.

1.       It’s sexier when you don’t go fully nude. Plus, if you are taking them on someone else’s phone and they end up on the Internet, at least you don’t have all your naughty bits hanging out. Also, only doing a partial nude can be sexier, because it is more of a tease – sometimes relying on your imagination is hotter than anything else.

2.     Only shoot naughty pics with someone you trust – and someone you trust really well. You don’t want to shoot dirty, naked pictures with someone you only trust a little bit. To have a peace of mind, only snap those pics if you have known the person for a while, or if it is a boyfriend. If you don’t know the person, there is no telling where those photos will go.

3.      Only do flattering poses. If you a sit a certain way that makes you have a muffin top or shows more stomach than you’d like, you probably shouldn’t sit that way while taking dirty pics of yourself and your lover. Also, you might not want to do any intentionally unflattering poses, like full, spread eagle – it just won’t translate in a photo and it won’t be sexy.shooting naughty pictures4.      Pay attention to the lighting. Just like certain poses are unflattering, so is different lighting. For instance, make sure there is not direct overhead lighting, which can case unflattering shadows on your face. Also, never shoot from below – hello double chin and double everything. Make sure to focus the camera, or else you are going to have to deal with deleting all those unusable blurry photos.

5.      If you want to get even naughtier, include a vibrator or sex toy. If no one is going to see these photos, you can really get as naughty as you want. You can include vibrators, sex swings, restraints and any other erotic tool that you use in the bedroom. If you don’t have an erotic tool, you should probably get one.

In conclusion, remember that when you are taking naughty pictures, don’t put them online if you don’t want them to be seen. That last thing you want is to do something you’ll regret later.  

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