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Is Sex On The First Date Taboo?

Is Sex On The First Date Taboo

Sex on the first date – is it the death nail in a potential relationship, or is it not that big of a deal? We gathered a collection of twenty and thirty something adults and asked them for their opinion on the matter. Have you ever had sex on the first date? Did it ruin the relationship down the line, or did it not make a difference?

Metal & Glass Anal Toys As Beginners Butt Playthings

Metal & Glass Anal Toys As Beginners Butt Playthings

If you’re new to the world of anal pleasures, you might be having a tough time navigating all the plugs, vibes and dildos out there that are designed to be used up the butt. Some start off cheap and cheerful, only moving onto the more expensive toys once their back side is properly trained. But – we think that if you can afford to go with glass or metal toys as your beginner’s anal plaything, you will not be disappointed.

How Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work?

How Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work

Some women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to make their breasts look better. Uplifting bras, pectoral exercisers, pills, potions and even surgery all happen in the name of breast enhancement. One option for those looking for improvements on a budget are breast enhancement creams. The small pots of lotion can be a bit confusing for those who have never experimented with this option before. So – how do these breast enhancement creams work?

Are Tongue Vibrators Only For Lazy Oral Lovers?


You might have spotted them while clicking through the oral sex toys on Adam and Eve – tongue vibrators. These small vibes that get strapped onto your tongue to help you perform oral on your lover. Are these toys really needed? Can’t you just get the same job done with your tongue alone? What’s the advantage to tongue vibes? We’ve got the low down on these oral sex pleasure products for you!

Avoiding the Gag Reflex

gag reflex

Many a woman – and I’m sure a few guys out there have experienced that annoying gag sensation while giving a blowjob. For some it can be a real problem. The feeling of choking or even simply the fear of choking on the penis can cause some to avoid giving blowjobs all together.

Even More Sex Facts You Probably Never Knew

Even More Sex Facts

It’s been a while since we broke out the random collection of sex facts that we love to share with our readers. While the more educated sexperts who read our blog may be aware of most of these, we bet there are a few in our list that you may not have come across before. So tell us – how many of these are new to you?

Finding A Polyamorous Partner

Finding A Polyamorous Partner

Since the speculation over Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin possibly-polyamorous relationship has been the celeb gossip press, there’s been more and more chatter around polyamorous – or open – relationships. If you’re a couple who is looking to open up your bedroom to a third person, you might be wondering how to take that first step.

How To Take It All Off – Beginners Pubic Shaving Tips

Beginners Pubic Shaving Tips

Pubic hair shaving may seem like a passing thought for men and women who have been doing it for years, but you have to admit – that very first time you pressed that razor against your sensitive bits was a bit nerve wracking! If you’re looking for first time tips and tricks for shaving off your pubic hair, we’ve got the scoop you’re searching for!

Can I Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?

Can I Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy

Today we’re tackling a question from one of our blog readers – on the topic of sex toys during pregnancy.

Hi! I’m Leah and I’m currently six months pregnant with my first child. I’ve heard a lot of old wives tales about sex and pregnancy, specifically saying that you shouldn’t be using any kind of sex toys. Is this one of those silly rumors or do I really need to put my dildos and vibrators away for the next few months? Thanks!

Keeping Sexy Times With A Snoring Man

Keeping Sexy Times With A Snoring Man

Sure a snoring partner is annoying, but there are so many side effects to you and your loved one keeping you up at night. Beyond the fact that a snoring partner is the number three cause of divorce in the US, it robs the non-snoring partner of their sleep and leads to a less than restful one for the person making all the noise.