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Penelope Pardee’s Favorite Sex Toy Part 2

Penelope Pardee's Favorite Sex Toy Part 2

Hi everyone! If you have missed the first part of my favorite sex toys article, check out: PENELOPE PARDEE’S FAVORITE SEX TOYS PART 1 where I talked about sex toys that you should purchase if you like external stimulation. This time, I want to talk about penetration. If you like the feeling of penetration, you should try using a dildo. Usually, dildo doesn’t vibrate like the vibrator and most dildos in the market resembles a penis.

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Friday night Fun

Episode 48 – Getting the right gift for your lover is never an easy task but if you just use your imagination, you can come up with a bunch of hot stuff to do. Make sure to use offer code FRIDAY at for 50% off on almost ANY ITEM plus FREE SHIPPING.

LA Event and Happy One Year Anniversary

sex chat with Dr. Kat

Happy accidental anal adventure, rowdy sex, throbbing anal sphincter and pill makes GF depressed. Gay Take/Straight Take Sex Toy of the Week: Rock Star Tina Vibrator.

Velvet Touch Vibe & Power Bullet Mini Vibrator Review by Rosie La Roux

Velvet Touch Vibe & Power Bullet Mini Vibrator Review by Rosie La Roux

Hi it’s Rosalyn again and I’m on to the next item for review from Adam and Eve. The next product that I’ve tried is called the Velvet Touch Vibrator. Now when you get the Velvet Touch Vibe, it looks very similar to a normal vibrator.

10 Great First Date Ideas

10 Great First Date Ideas

First impression lasts. I think most men want to impress women on their first date. If you have ever watched any of MTV’s Parental Control episodes, you would have probably seen where those guys and girls take those who were controlled by their parents.

Bullet Blaster Review by Rosie La Roux

Bullet Blaster Review by Rosie La Roux

Rosie LaRoux reviews the classic Bullet Blaster sex toy. Hi I’m back in my bedroom and I’m really excited to tell you about one of my favorite gifts to give. It’s a great twist on a classic pleasure toy and it actually changed up a little bit so I’m going to tell you about it.

Online Boyfriend – Is it as Good as The Real Thing?

Online Boyfriend

As all of you know, I’m single again. It’s been a month and I believe I’ve already moved on. I would say that keeping myself busy is a big help. And lately, I notice that I’ve been chatting online again, flirting with my Facebook and Twitter fans, ladies and gentlemen, lmao! This thing brought me back to old memories.