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Exploring Sensation Play

Exploring Sensation Play

When I tell people I went through a sensorium exercise in school they look at me pretty perplexed. In the years since, I’ve suggested sensoriums for clients. Sensoriums are simply an exercise where one person is blindfolded and led to a room that is filled with as many non-visual sensory experiences as possible.

How Couples Can Get Over Vibrator Phobia

How Couples Can Get Over Vibrator Phobia

Okay, maybe you won’t find this phobia in the handbook of psychiatric disorders, but socially, vibrator phobia it is very much a phobia. The argument is always the same: “we don’t need sex toys because our sex life is fine how it is.” But is it?  What if you had the opportunity to make your sex life better – more enjoyable – more pleasurable? Here is how couples can get over vibrator phobia.

5 Tips to Seducing Him

5 Tips to Seducing Him

Men often love to be seduced. Since men generally have the burden of initiation and seduction, turning the tables on him can make him feel wanted and attractive — while you get to experience your own, more active, erotic energy in a very powerful way.

Mature Sex – Challenges as You Age

mature sex

It’s an old wives tale that we have to get less sexual as we get older. Yes, we may have a few more challenges to getting in the mood or finding comfortable positions in which to get it on but the beauty of it is that we also learn to slow down and smell the roses. We learn to truly appreciate the act and our partner with age in a way that we couldn’t have when we were younger.

5 Tips to Seduce Her

5 Tips to Seduce Her

Women want to feel appreciated, safe and secure in the sex act. All three are important when seducing women. Here are more tips to get her in the right ‘head-space’ for sex.

Dr. Kat’s 28 Day Masturbation Challenge

28 Day Masturbation Challenge

If you’re a novice at getting yourself off, you’ll be glad to know that almost all people masturbate in some form or another. Here are a few tried-and-true techniques I’ve come up with over the years. These daily tips can help you make the most of your self-pleasuring.

What to Do When Your Lover is Anti-Lube


I’ve had many female clients tell me that their partner isn’t into lube. This can especially become an issue as women enter their early forties. Many don’t seem to lubricate as much despite the fact that some male partners think their wives and girlfriends should be able to get wet on their own. But sex can be painful without enough lube…ouch!

How Kate and Will Can Get Their Post Baby Sex Life Back

post baby sex

It’s baby craziness last week with the birth of the third in line to the English throne. It does seem like Kate Middleton has been pregnant forever but now that the blessed moment has finally arrived, there’s something else Kate and Wills might want to focus on and that is intimacy.

Vibrator Myths

vibrator myths

There are lots of myths when it comes to using vibrators and dildos. Sometimes there can be shades of truth but often the reality is quite different from what you and your partner might think.

10 Keys to Getting Your Libido Up and Running Again

Getting Your Libido Up and Running Again

Low libido is defined as having difficulty becoming sexually aroused. There is no measure of what makes up “enough” arousal. A low libido is a subjective experience and can be measured only by what YOU consider to be not enough sexual desire. This does not mean what your partner thinks is not enough or what you heard your neighbor thinks is normal.