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Your Guide To Exploring the World of Vibrating Panties

Your Guide To Exploring the World of Vibrating Panties

Most people hear about vibrating panties and immediately say, “No, thank you!” It’s a reasonable response – why would you want your panties to vibrate? Well, that’s what you would think – until you actually tried vibrating panties. What you will find is that vibrating panties are actually some of the most fun erotic toys on the market.

Power Tool Level Play With The RockBox 2


It’s not often that we compare sex toys to power tools, but the RockBox 2 has certainly earned that comparison. After going back to the drawing board after the initial RockBox, this improvement has taken all the fan’s requests on board and created a sex toy that’s worth the price. With over 5000 RPMs at your disposal, it’s ready for it’s high powered premier.

Get It Going With The Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit

Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit

For the guys who aren’t ready to dive head first into the world of sex toys, the Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit has a collection of love aids that will be a gentle introduction. The three toys included in this kit are for surface pleasure only – no penetration involved.

New Bondage Basics Kits Online Now!

New Bondage Basics Kits Online Now

So, the one of the hottest movies to hit the big screen is still fresh in your mind, and you’re up for some kinky fun? Adam and Eve have brought in more than a dozen different styles of bondage kits over the last six months, and we’ve got some new ones that are flying off the shelves. Some are great for the weekend kinksters, other for those who just want to spice up their sex with some role play.

Beat The Cold With These Sexy Warming Tips

Beat The Cold With These Sexy Warming Tips

For the majority of the country, the last few weeks have been a winter wonderland! The snowfall may be beautiful, but cabin fever could be setting in for those cooped up with their lovers. We’ve got a great way to not only spice things up during this season of snow, it’ll also help keep those temperatures up -  at least in the bedroom. Here’s three quick ways to beat the cold with a few sexy accessories.

Ultimate Enhancement Kit – Bigger & Harder Without Pills!

Ultimate Enhancement Kit

We’ve got the one stop collection for the guys who are looking to upgrade their package without popping pills or painful injections. The Ultimate Enhancement Kit includes everything you need to go the distance, whether you’re looking for a bigger penis, a longer lasting erection, more stamina in the bedroom or a combination of the above.

Flying Solo On Valentines Day

Flying Solo On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those times where solo folks aren’t the happiest bunnies in the hutch. For those that are still hurt from a painful breakup, reminders of ‘what it used to be like’ float around in their heads. Lovers in long distance relationships wish they could be together even just for that one night.

Perfect Hotel Getway Ideas for Valentines Day

Perfect Hotel Getway Ideas for Valentines Day

This February 14th, quite a few couples will be making their way to local hotels for Valentine’s Day. Some couples enjoy the high end hotels for an overnight to spoil themselves. Others use that home-away-from-home as their own places aren’t the most couples-friendly around. Whichever category you fall in, here are a few tips and ideas to achieve the perfect hotel getaway for you and your lover this Valentine’s Day.

The Vivid Raw Stroker – One For Every Desire

Vivid Raw Stroker

Hand held masturbators for guys are all the rage now, with higher end toys costing hundreds of dollars. Don’t want to splash out on a three figure sex toy before you decide which kind is right for you? The Vivid Raw Stroker collection is not only affordable, it’s made as well as the bigger named toys!

Pinch Play With The Master Series Double Bar Pincher

Master Series Double Bar Pincher

For those that love to feel the pinch, the usual place to turn is nipple clamps, clitoris clips and other hinged type toys. The problem with these can be the difficulty to control the level of pressure – especially with lower priced clips. If you’re ready to upgrade to something that is as sexy looking as it is functional, pick up the Master Series Double Bar Pincher.