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Perfect Fit With The Sportsheets Plus Size Lace Corsette Strap-On

Sportsheets Plus Size Lace Corsette Strap-On

Tired of good looking harnesses that don’t quite sit correctly? When using strap on harnesses, a good fit is key. Too loose, and you run the risk of having a ‘floppy’ dildo that doesn’t sit right against the body. Too tight and you won’t be able to line up everything in the right places. The Sportsheets Plus Size Lace Corsette Strap-On is a great adjustable harness for those of us who are in the size 12 to size 30 range.

Clean Stream On The Go Applicator For Anal Sex Prep

Clean Stream On The Go Applicator For Anal Sex Prep

While you don’t need to use an enema before having anal sex, a lot of couples like the cleanliness it provides. Some even use it as part of their foreplay before penetration. For those who are looking for a quick and easy enema kit for travel, the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator is perfect for those who want something quick and not-so-dirty!

Fetish Fantasy Strap Bring Bondage Upward

Fetish Fantasy Strap Bring Bondage Upward

Ever since those three books came out, every company under the sun seems to be making bondage equipment. Fetish Fantasy, on the other hand, has been in the BDSM scene for years and know their stuff! That’s why when they came out with the Fetish Fantasy Strap, we stood up and paid attention.

Affordable Male Masturbators – Empty The Pipe

Affordable Male Masturbators - Empty The Pipe

We’re aware that some of the most popular male masturbators out there can put a serious dent in the wallet. While making love to a replica of an adult performer’s body parts might help the fantasy, the reality might be a bit different. If you’re looking for an affordable hand masturbator that looks like the expensive thing, but won’t break the bank, Empty The Pipe is for you – and may be even better.

Quick Control With The Adjustable Silicone Penis Tie

Adjustable Silicone Penis Tie

We’ve discovered that one of the biggest worries that guys who wear cock rings have is getting them off once they’re on! While removing them from a flaccid penis is relatively easy, sometimes in an urgent situation it can get slightly complicated. Removing them from an erect penis is a bit harder.

Pump It Up With The Clitoris Excitment and Enhancement System

Clitoris Excitment and Enhancement System

Guys have been using penis pumps for years to get harder, last longer and have stronger orgasms. So isn’t it about time that the ladies got their own version? The Clitoris Excitement and Enhancement System is a complete vacuum pump setup designed for women. It may look slightly familiar for those with penis pump experience, but this one is all for the ladies!

Bathtub Masturbation Just Got Better!

Bathtub Masturbation Just Got Better

We’re willing to bet that at least a few of you ladies – and maybe a few guys as well – have enjoyed the pleasures of a shower head in your life. Maybe even a couple have ventured into the delights of hot tub jets and tub spouts as well. For those who love the continual pressure that water can sexually provide, there’s a new sex toy that you should be checking out.

Trojan Does Sex Toys Right

Trojan Does Sex Toys Right

We’d gladly bet that you’re all aware that Trojan makes some of the most popular condoms in the world. We see their name on boxes at every drug store, corner convenience shop and pleasure product shelve we walk into. But did you know that Trojan also dips their toes into the sex toy world? One of their latest products is the Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill.

Lelo’s Latest Pleasure Products

Lelo's Latest Pleasure Products

When it comes to luxury sex toys, we bet one of the first brand names that pops into your mind is Lelo. This Swedish pleasure product manufacturer is one of the bestselling lines of toys – and for a good reason. With numerous awards, great reviews and high quality products, you really can’t go wrong. There are two new Lelo toys at Adam and Eve right now, each giving their own little twist on sex toys you may have seen before.

Anal Douching For Beginners

Clean Stream Shower Douche

One of the most common concerns surrounding anal sex is cleanliness. A simple way that many couples work around this is making anal douching – also known as enemas – part of their anal sex routine. Now – understand that this is not something that is required to have anal sex. Many couples choose not to use douching to clean out their cavities before penetration. But, others have learned to enjoy this step as part of the whole foreplay package.