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Picking The Perfect Valentine’s Day Porn

Perfect Valentine's Day Porn

Thinking of picking up some adult movies for Valentine’s Day? Adam and Eve have a great collection of erotic movies that concentrate on the couple. If you’re new to watching adult movies and don’t want something as ‘raw’ as you can find on the internet, we’ve got a few DVD choices that we think are perfect for boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives who are looking for some small screen action this February.

The Vivid Raw Stroker – One For Every Desire

Vivid Raw Stroker

Hand held masturbators for guys are all the rage now, with higher end toys costing hundreds of dollars. Don’t want to splash out on a three figure sex toy before you decide which kind is right for you? The Vivid Raw Stroker collection is not only affordable, it’s made as well as the bigger named toys!

Drop Dead Gorgeous New Years Eve Dresses

Drop Dead Gorgeous New Years Eve Dresses

Usually we’re all about the sex toys and bondage gear, but there are some new dresses at Adam and Eve that we think would make the ultimate sexy look for your New Year’s Eve excitement. While these might be a bit too sexy for your office party, they certainly wouldn’t look out of place for a romantic meal for two, or an evening out at a super sexy club.

Will Using A Vibe Too Much Break My Clit?

Will Using A Vibe Too Much Break My Clit

We’re fielding another question from our readers today, this time on the topic of clitoral desensitization from frequent use of vibrators!

Hello! I’m hoping you can help me out. My name is Stephanie, and I’m 30 years old. I bought one of those super powerful wand massagers a few months ago and it’s been giving me some AMAZING orgasms.

Which Male Masturbator Works For You

Which Male Masturbator Works For You

Hey fellas – looking for a new sex toy? Male masturbators are some of the most popular toys for guys, due to the fact they’re not only perfect for some ‘alone time’, using them with a lover is also a possibility. Whether you’re looking for something quick and cheap or a toy that will last you a while, there are plenty of male masturbators to check out at Adam & Eve.

5 Tips to Seducing Him

5 Tips to Seducing Him

Men often love to be seduced. Since men generally have the burden of initiation and seduction, turning the tables on him can make him feel wanted and attractive — while you get to experience your own, more active, erotic energy in a very powerful way.

The Dog Park

Friday night Fun

Who knows what a simple walk in the park can lead to? Especially when the park has a reputation for being a”hook-up” place. Better find out for yourself. Sit back and enjoy listening!

Picking Out The Right Sex Toy Cleaner


With all the various types of sex toy materials out there, it’s sometimes hard to be sure that you are cleaning your sex toy in the right way. Which toys need specialized cleaners, and which can handle just soap and water? Are all spray toy cleaners made the same? Is sticking a dildo in your dishwasher actually safe?

Chelsea Manning May Have to Man Up?

gender dysphoria

It’s been heard to escape the story over the last few weeks. Not only do we have the drama of national security leaks but now we have the real struggle of someone who has been gender dysphoric and how that will pay out in a military prison. We couldn’t have made this stuff up if we tried.

5 Mind Blowing True Facts About Sex

sex facts

Just the word sex can provoke a lot of thoughts, images, and even some memories. Sex is something so fundamentally human, and at the same time it seems that most humans haven’t quite figured it out yet. All we really know is that it feels good. In fact, it feels amazing – if it’s done right. Some people seem to be really good at it, and some not so much. What’s amazing is that you can have sex in so many different ways and positions – it is really quite a gift that nature has bequeathed to us. Here are 5 mind blowing true facts about sex.