Sexy Spring Break Must-Haves

 While most of us are suffering though this awful winter, the thoughts of spring break are just starting to appear in college co-ed minds all over the country. With all the fun and games that may be in store, you may want to think about picking up a few pleasure products and sexy wear before your big trip. We’ve picked out favorite five spring break must haves for the vacation-bound crowds!

Adam & Eve Ultra Thin Condoms 13-Pack: You absolutely want to be sure you bring protection with you if you plan on getting close to a few of your fellow spring breakers. Guys – don’t assume the lady is going to be the one who is always ready with protection. Bring some of your own along with you! We suggest Adam and Eve’s own Ultra Thin Condoms. You’ll get the pregnancy prevention and STD protection you find in your standard latex condom, but in a thinner style that lets you feel more. 13 of them should hopefully get you through a few adventurous nights!

Naughty CoEd Uniform: Nightclubs in spring break areas always seem to have at least one costume night a week during their high tourist times. For those ladies who are looking for something sexy that can be part of a theme, the Naughty CoEd Uniform is the perfect combination of coverage and hotness. Adam and Eve also carry a number of other schoolgirl themed costumes that your friends can pick up for variations on the same theme without all looking identical.

Oralove Delicious Duo Lickable Lubes: This may be the most all-in-one sexual lubricant on the market! It’s water based, so it’s OK to use with sex toys and condoms. It’s flavored, so it is perfect for enhancing your oral sex session. There are TWO bottles with each set, so you can choose between the strawberry and mint flavor, and the peaches and cream flavor. It’s made in the USA, so you can feel good about spending your money on it. Lastly it’s hypoallergenic and easy to clean up – so nothing to worry about there!Sexy Spring Break Must-HavesBlack G-String: We bet that when you get to your Spring Break destination, they’ll be at least one bar that’s decorated with the thongs on patrons. They seem to crop up all over the place! Rather than giving away your favorite undies, grab a cheap and cheerful Black G-String as your going-away gift to your ‘local’ establishment.

Fifty Shades of Grey: If you happen to be one of the few who have never read this best selling novel (or you’re up for another round of Mr Grey), Spring Break is the ultimate time to get it done! Novels at the beach are a standard part of any day in the sun. With this one being so well known, it’ll also a great conversation starter for the guy who happens to walk by and want to get to know you a little bit better.