3 Simple Steps to Survive Working With Your Ex

Remember all the warnings people gave you about not dating coworkers?! Well, now that you discovered they were right and you are stuck working with someone you just broke up with, here are three simple guidelines that might make it a bit easier to adjust.

1) Keep It Professional

You were both hired to do a job. Do it. Focus on the work and if you have to interact with each other, keep it on a strictly professional level and only discuss the task at hand. Don’t bring up the past at work. Don’t bring up hurt feelings. Keep it professional.

Steps to Survive Working With Your Ex

2) Change Lunch Hours

It might be helpful to minimize the chances of bumping into each other around the office or at close by lunch spots. So, if you both have the same basic lunch hour, change.  Also, shuffle around your break schedule. The less you have to see each other, the less chance of any emotions coming to the surface.

3) Don’t Gossip!

Your relationship is no one else’s business. If you need to vent, need to talk your feelings out, stick with friends outside of the workplace. Saying childish things about your ex or bringing up your dirty laundry in the workplace reflects badly on your character more than it does your ex-lover’s.

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