Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party doesn’t need to be the candy-coated apple-bobbing parties of our youth! You can have an adult Halloween party by changing a few of the traditional activities to those with an over-18 touch. Our team of testers at Adam and Eve have pulled together just a few ideas that transform the kiddie party games into those that you’ll be giggling about long after the night is done!

halloween party ideasNaughty Pumpkin Carving: Forget the two triangle eyes, nose and toothy grin this year. If you search hard enough, you can find porn style adult pumpkin carving kits. Not only do these include the tools you’ll need to carve out your XXX-rated images, you’ll also get dirty templates as inspiration for your pumpkin art.

Bobbing for Dildos: Yes, you heard us correctly! Most dildos are made from materials that float in water, and give you the same conundrum that you have for bobbing for apples – you have to attack the dildo a certain way or else you’ll get soaked. With this activity, it’s best to use non-vibrating dildos, as the motor can weight it down. Obviously, you also want to use waterproof dildos and dongs to keep your toys from getting ruined. The prize for getting your faux penis out of the water? You get to keep the dong, of course!

Adult Themed Box Games: For those attending the party who like to keep it little less active, you can get a number of adult-themed box games to keep the entertainment rolling. Imagine having a game of Twister going with a collection of schoolgirl themed costumes? Some Truth or Dare would help get those more shy party goers to step out of their comfort zone just a little bit more.

What kinds of games can you come up with for a sexy adult Halloween party? Leave us a comment below, or head on over to our Facebook page and let us see what naughty games you’ll have going on at your Halloween bash this year!