Back To School Series – How To Put On A Penis Ring

It’s back to school time at Adam and Eve! Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing a series of posts that are lessons on various aspects of sex toys, bondage gear, clothing and more – all with our own adult twist. Today’s lesson is Cock Rings 101 – all about finding the right penis ring, getting it on, and using it to its full potential. Are you ready to learn…because there may be a quiz later!

No matter what you call it – cock ring, penis ring, love ring, enhancer ring – we are all talking about flexible circles that are worn on the penis to restrict blood flow. For some guys this is the best way for them to maintain an erection without having to pop any pills. Other men love the added girth and length that they can sometimes give. There are even a selection of fellas out there that use versions of cock rings as part of their BDSM power exchange. No matter why you’re using them, the basics to get them on are pretty much the same!

how to put on a cockringA lot of guys will be using a solid ring, like the Ringo Penis Ring, for their first time. The up side is that they tend to be cheaper and do last a while. The down side? You really need to be limp when putting them on, which can be a bit difficult if you know what the immediate future has in store! The first thing you need to do is slide your shaft through the hole in the middle of the ring, so it is resting just in front of your scrotum. Once there, slip one testicle at a time through the hole in the ball so that the ring is now resting behind your scrotum. (There are some cock rings that are designed to be work on the shaft only, so be sure you read up on your cock ring before putting it on.) The fit should be quite snug, but not painful. Lube can be used to help slide the various parts of the organ through the ring, but be sure that the type of lube you use is compatible with your cock ring materials. Silicone cock rings and silicone lubes don’t mix!

Once you’ve had sex and are now ready to remove the ring, the process is pretty much the same but in reverse. Keep in mind that the ring is keeping the blood up in the penis, so becoming flaccid after sex may take longer. We suggest slipping one finger into the ring’s hole and give yourself some extra ‘room’ to help the blood return to the body.

If the idea of slipping a ring down your shaft doesn’t work for you, or you know that erections before fitting the ring are inevitable, there are alternative styles of penis ring that can help. Adjustable rings allow you to slide a larger loop over your member and change the size afterwards. These tend to come in two styles – loops like the Adjustable Glitter Ring or straps like the 3-Snap Leather Penis Strap.

Any questions, class? If so – leave them below in the comments. Now, class is dismissed!

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