Erotic Massage Shopping List

If giving a sex toy doesn’t seem quite right for a gift for your partner, how about a massage – from you to her? Adam and Eve have a great selection of massage products that will help you on your way to giving her an hour or two that she won’t forget!

Massage Oils – Your basic bottle of massage oil should last you though quite a few rub down sessions. Most massage oils are scented, some with relaxing oils like lavender and tropical fruits, others – like the Body Dew Pheromone Body Oil – use pheromones which can enhance arousal. Some things to look out for when picking a massage oil are making sure it’s hypoallergenic, that it won’t stain any fabrics that the one receiving the massage may be laying on, and that it has an easy to open/close cap when your hands are slightly slippery.

Massage Candles – Want to heat things up beyond what your hands can do? Massage candles mix the slick sexiness of massage oil with the temperature play possibilities of candle wax. Rather than melting and forming a super-heated pool of wax that could burn the body if not applied correctly, massage candles like the Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle melt down into a sensual massage oil. The still-warm oil can be poured or spooned onto the body for a whole new level of sensation.Erotic Massage Shopping ListNuru Massage Kits – If you’re searching for an even sexier way to give a massage, you definitely need to look into Nuru. This massage method is quite messy, which is why kits come with drop cloths, like the Wet Nuru Massage Gel & Sheet Set. Rather than just a pair of lubed up hands working their way over the body, you use your whole self to give this massage – hands, arms, chest, and yes – even your pubic area.

Massage Lubricants – Planning on turning your massage into something more? There are products like the Durex Massage & Play Sensual Massage Gel that not only can be used as an ‘on the skin’ massage gel, they also can be used as sexual lubricants. When picking out this style of massage gel, keep the base material in mind. Water based products won’t last as long on the skin’s surface, but are compatible with sex toys and condoms. Silicone based massage gels will stay on the skin for a lengthy massage, but need to stay away from other silicone and latex products.