Getting Him To Text You Back In Five Easy Steps

One of the worst parts about texting a guy is waiting around for that return message. For some reason, a few guys think that playing hard to get is a sure fire way to get a woman wanting more. But, for a lot of ladies, the lack of replies is more a turn off than a turn on. Want sure fire ways to get your potential partner to return those text messages in a timely manner? Well – we can deliver!

1. Present him with a problem to solve. Guys like to give their opinions – especially when it comes to a challenge. If you’ve got a light hearted issue that you think his advice would help, don’t be afraid to let him on your problem. It’s a great way to facilitate the start of a conversation, as well as help get your problem resolved! Keep in mind, though – we aren’t talking about which dress to wear on your night out. Keep it much more substantial and with a topic you are sure he’d love to discuss.

2. Tap into his interests as well as yours. If you can get him to talk about himself, that’s at least a way to get the conversations rolling. If you know what he’s in to, get a conversation going about that. Too many times a woman might be sending nothing but texts about herself and her likes, when that just results in a string of “Ok.” style responses. If you’re really wanting to steer the conversation in your direction, make the connections between your interests and his. Is he a guitarist? Ask him what he thinks about the lead guitar in your favorite band. Is he a plumber? Talk about that time when your parents’ pipes burst.

Getting Him To Text You Back In Five Easy Steps

3. Keep yourself busy – and let him know. He may think that you’re sitting around waiting for his texts to roll in. As we said before – some misguided gents think this is the best way to get a girl to like them. If you’ve decided you’re done waiting around, tell him. Just don’t be too ‘desperate’ about it. Rather than text something like “I’m off to the gym. I’ll reply to any texts you send later on.”, try something cheeky like “I’m going for a swim. I’ll leave that to your imagination.” Establish that you’re not waiting around for his reply any more.

4. Tone down the number of messages you are sending. You’ve sent a text message. After no reply half an hour later, you send another one. Twenty minutes after that you’ve sent a third. Now you’re about to press send on a “Are you still alive?” text. Sound familiar? Give it a rest. If he wants to get back to you, he will. If his phone is broken, out of range, or if he truly is no longer with this world, bombarding him with text messages won’t do anything. Send the first, then maybe a follow up a few hours later. If you haven’t heard back in a reasonable amount of time, put the phone down and walk away for the day.

5. Stop looking needy. Now, this sounds like it might conflict with number one, but we’re talking about a different kind of needy. There is a difference between “Any ideas how I can get my internet connection to speed up?” and “Why aren’t you texting me back?” If he’s not actually making the effort to communicate, even after you’ve tried to engage him in actual conversation, it might be time to move on.

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