Getting It On, On The First Date

A lot of people ask me where the most romantic places to take a date are. Or if they are more blunt they’ll ask me point blank, “How do I get her in bed on the first date.”  Because lets face it, most guys aren’t romantic in the least. Wondering where the most romantic places are to take a date is not on most guys’ checklists.


Most guys when they say they want to be romantic mean, basically, that they want to get laid.  But women like romance! That’s the simple secret to a perfect date and to get her in the sack afterward.

If you like women to come over have rose petals spattered everywhere with a nice bottle of chilled champagne. Okay maybe not rose petals on the first date, but roses nonetheless. Nice champagne – not the cheap stuff!  Take her to an amazing restaurant and tell her how beautiful she is. Being romantic is in itself is an aphrodisiac. Tell her how much you want to take her home after and make sweet love to her.

If you really want to impress take her to a hotel. If you live near a beach, take her to a hotel by the water. Make sweet love and then wrap yourselves in towels and eat chocolate together. Chocolate after sex can be just as amazing as having a smoke or a shower; or do all three and fall asleep to the sound of the waves and then wake up and have room service. If you don’t have the budget for this one of the best options is to turn your bedroom into a hotel and wait on her hand and foot.

It’s totally worth it if you know you’re gonna get a slice of that afterwards.  And be sure to hold her hand, look gazingly into her eyes. If you want her to want you you’ll pull all the stops. Impressing her on the first date is the first step. The rest is easy breezy. If you want to put a cherry on the cake you’ll give her the best orgasm she has ever had by going down on her for hours.  Give her the world and she’ll give you her body, but it’s a mutual appreciation – so respect her too.

Trust me, it will be a win-win situation you won’t forget.


Watch for more sex tips and advice from yours truly, Maximilian



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