Kissing 101

Knowing how to kiss your lover is important, but learning the art of kissing will astound them.  Most people reserve kissing for the lips, but the art of kissing involves the whole body. kissing 101

Like an artist standing in front of a canvas, your lover is the masterpiece – from head to toe your lips will be the paintbrush. In order to be a master you must study the geometry of your lover’s body and her skin and know exactly where to fit each kiss in order to maximize ultimate pleasure.

Most people know very well the French kiss, but not many people know how to do it right. Have you ever looked in the mirror or taken a picture while doing it? Chances are if it looks ridiculous, you’re probably doing it wrong.  The French kiss got its name at the turn of 20th century, because the French were known to have more liberal sex practices, but just like French toast and French fries this doesn’t really mean anything. The French kiss is just another puritan invention to give a naughty connotation to something in their eyes the see as salacious.

Of course now the French kiss seems to be one of the most innocent acts in our day in age. Remember, sex isn’t wrong – it is freedom and it is an art. In France, this type of kiss is called baiser amoureux or the lover’s kiss – which sounds more passionate, because it is. It’s intended to be delicate – use your tongue sparingly and don’t let it all hang out. Use mostly your lips – suck on your lover’s lips – lightly nibble the upper and bottom lips. Remember: less is more! In French slang, the French kiss is called patin or ice skating shoe, because it should be as delicate and graceful as a figure skater on ice.

But kissing should not be reserved just for the lips – the whole body needs to be painted by your lips – every corner.  You can start with your lips, but move down to her neck – the front and the back. Then move down to her armpits, over to her nipples, and then around her stomach. You can then move down to her behind, then down her thigh and to her knees – and even the back of her knees.  You’re almost there – move down to her feet – slowly – and kiss the tips of her toes.  Remember to go slowly and move up and down the body with grace and never slobber; reserve the tongue for those hard to reach places. And lastly, keep note: her moans will guide you!

Watch for more sex tips and advise from yours truly, Maximilian


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