Nina Hartley Seduction Games 2

If you want to dance with your partner, the most important thing is to be able to dance for yourself. And when you look at us here, oh we look so comfortable of what we’re doing, and all of us are into it, and you’ll never be here. But that’s not true. You can be here. We all started dancing, first of, in front of a mirror. I have fantasy of dancing in front of 2000 people but I had to get comfortable just myself. So what you might want to do is turn on your favorite music, lock the door in your bedroom, stare in front of a mirror and just start liking what you think , what’s it about, people here can go along with it when they want to, and just like yourself. You are the first partner you have to dance to. So maybe you have a body part that you like a lot, you just start looking at that part, and feel that music.

Dancing with your partner is not about stripping. It’s about communicating feeling to the person you would like to intimate with. And your first partner should be yourself, so just look in the mirror. It feels really good. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about feeling good about yourself and your skin so you’d feel comfortable and think of that special person.