Nina Hartley Seduction Games 3

The best thing about dancing with your partner is of course it is erotic. It is sexual which means you have to get comfortable with the feelings that come from pelvic, that come from your clitoris, come from your penis, come from hips.. all that spark in you. So it is really helpful to learn how to use your hips. IT IS very important to use your hips. Let us all do some hip isolation. Isolation is when you move one body part at a time. Hip isolation is very important because our sex feelings come from our hips. If you look at a very sexy dancing, you will notice that it is always moving the hips. Latin dancing, afro fusion dancing, jazz dancing, dancing in duo with a person at a night club is all about hips because sex is in hips.

Release your hips and oh! It feels good. Just nice.  And you are pretending actually that you are having sex. It is all about communicating feelings to your partner. Can you feel it?  Yes, you can feel it. You like that. It is all about having fun. It really helps also to bend your knees. The more can bend your knees, the more you isolate those hips. When your knees are bent you just release all the energy.  If you feel comfortable with the feelings you are having then you can share them with your partner, and they can feel you from two, three or even ten feet away. Really it is true.  This may take days weeks or months.  This is not something that you are going to get by the end of this tape. So don’t worry about that. We are all comfortable with ourselves. It took us a long time to get us here. I wasn’t always like this. I don’t know if there anybody else who was always comfortable in their skin. But we have gotten there and it is worth all the effort. It is worth all the journey you have to make emotionally to get comfortable in your skin.  It is the only thing you’re going to have; it is your own body that you are going to have until the ending of life. So you have to start loving this before you can love other people.