Secrets and Myths to A Healthy Relationship

There are million myths, tips, tricks, and secrets on how to have a successful, healthy and sexually fulfilling relationship. Many of them are just that – pure myth. Relationships – people for that matter – are a complicated bunch. Sex, relationships, life, etcetera, etcetera – there is generally too much to keep track. Nothing is as simple as narrowing it all down to a few tips and everything about your sex life and relationship will be all smooth climbing.  Yes, relationships take work. Here are a few essential elements to a successful relationship.

healthy relationship

For one, fighting is a good thing if you resolve your issues. An unresolved fight will turn into resentment. So fight to the end and then jump into the sack to make up.  A good fight in a relationship will bring things to a head and clear the air. Don’t get too angry – just a light argument is enough.

Secondly, if your partner is the jealous type you need to work on their confidence and security. Jealously is about confidence. Your partner might have a sense of inadequacy that doesn’t really have any basis in face.  Jealousy doesn’t just go away over night – it is something you need to continually work on in a relationship.

Change in a relationship is good, but not when it’s forced. If your partner is doing something you don’t like – don’t force them to change. You have to politely discuss it and learn to make compromises and sacrifices.

Lastly, money makes the world go round, but does it make a relationship go round? The answer is usually no. Money helps, but its not everything. Its been studied that some marriages can last longer if there is a higher family income, but that has to do with much higher overhead like mortgage, kids and everything comes with it.  The real secret is that love is the glue that will hold it all together.

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