Seduction is the Art of Suggestion

Seduction is an art form few men have mastered. There is no guidebook, no mystic manuscript, and no exotic scripture to how to truly seduce a woman.  Seduction can be broken down into three essential human senses: sight, touch, and sound. Mastering the art of seduction is generally one of the first steps in becoming what I call irresistible.


Women: my advice on seduction will also teach men how to turn you on with out going too fast and freaking you out.

These words of wisdom will work for first dates, heat up ages old relationships, and spice up marriages.

Most people confuse seduction with foreplay. Seduction comes before anything else. Before kissing. Seduction is about teasing with the eyes, voice, and fingers.  Without staring you must gaze into your lover’s eyes longingly – squint a little as if you are undressing her with your teeth. I call these “cheetah eyes” – the way a cheetah looks at it’s pray as the heat of the sun beats down and they are forced to squint. These are also called “sex eyes” – be sure to lift your eyebrows a little if you have dexterity – as if you are pointing directly to the bedroom with just your brow.

Whispering her name in her ear is also sexy. Whisper to her and tell her what a good time you are having with her. If you met that night ask her if she wants to come back home with you.

Touching is also important, but remember: this is not foreplay. This is simple suggestion as to what may come if she does come home with you or does follow you in to the bedroom.  Tickle her elbow a little or her chin or her ear. The ear can be an incredibly sexy place to touch. Another one of my favorite places to touch is the inside of the arm – suggestively of course and with just the tips of your fingers.

The art of seduction is the art of suggestion. To become irresistible you have to make your self so with the subtle art of using three of the five basic senses. It will just get hotter and hotter, I promise….


Watch for more sex tips and advice from yours truly, Maximilian



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