The Yoni Massage

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for vagina. In ancient India the vagina was worshiped as a sacred part of the body and thus the word Yoni means, “sacred space or temple.” And the ancient tantric art of the Yoni massage is a sensual exercise in massaging the g-spot for a mind blowing, transcendental orgasm.

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You could think of the Yoni massage as a meditation of the vagina. In ancient times, the purpose of the Yoni massage was not to bring the woman to orgasm, but to bring out certain buried feelings from anger, lust and sadness.

To start the Yoni massage the couple must be in a comfortable setting and embracing each other – eyes locked. You should begin to synchronize your breathing with strong inhales and exhales. When you begin to feel yourselves falling into a deep sense of transcendental unison you can begin the massage.

When you start, you should begin with massaging other parts of her body – arms, chest, stomach, waist and inner thighs. And always remember to place your right hand firmly on the body as you massage with your left – this allows tantric balance. When you get to the Yoni, use a light amount of lubricant to moisturize the exterior of the Yoni.

Next, lightly massage the clitoris with a clock-wise and then a counter clock-wise motion.  You can lightly pinch the clitoris as well.  Then using your middle finger you can insert your finger inside her Yoni and gently move in and out. Then with your palm facing upward use your finger to massage the g-spot or the “sacred spot.” After gently and more rigorously massaging the g-spot – with continued meditative breathing by both partners and eyes locked – you will feel like you are riding a wild wave. Learn to ride the wave – your partner will probably begin to scream in ecstasy and most women become multi-orgasmic. This is the release of the energy.

And lastly, when the orgasms have calmed down you can enjoy the peace and calm of a post-meditative state. The Yoni massage can be seen as a tandem bicycle where both partners go searching for themselves on a journey together. The Yoni massage just might bring you closer to your partner.


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