Tips For A Trouble Free One Night Stand

There are times when a no strings attached one night stand is what is needed. The problem is, one night stands can come with their own boatload of issues, worries and problems. So how do you avoid the hang ups that come with one night stands, but still enjoy your non-committal hookup? Here are some tips to make sure you get out of the night exactly what you are looking for!

one night stand

–          Don’t discuss anything further in the future than that night. If conversation topics turn to upcoming events, answer with a “oh, that sounds nice” as opposed to a “oh, I’d love to do that”. If you are projecting that you only want to concentrate on the next few hours, your partner-to-be should pick up on that.

–          In general, guys know that ladies who are into one night stands aren’t looking for any kind of committed relationship. If you see yourself wanting to actually date this person, hooking up on the first date might not be the best idea.

–          Having a one night stand doesn’t mean you can’t find a nice guy to go with. Sure, there are the creeps out there who are on the prowl for drunk girls to hook up with for one night only, but there are also perfectly fine gentlemen who will treat you with the respect you deserve, even if only for a few hours. There is a difference between the guy who will buy you drinks until you’re drunk enough to sleep with him, and the guy who you want to sleep with who is picking up the tab.

–          Be sure that he’s not already attached. You don’t want your one night stand to turn you into the ‘other woman’ that broke up an existing relationship. If there’s any question about his marital status, steer clear.

–          Safety first! It doesn’t matter if you’re on the pill, patch or any other form of non-barrier birth control, always use a condom on your one night stand to reduce your exposure to STDs.

Having a one night stand doesn’t need to be the guilt-filled walk of shame that some make it out to be. Two consenting adults can have a great time for a night, then walk their separate ways the morning after. Those are our tips to a successful one night stand, but what are yours? Leave a comment below!


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