Perfect Hotel Getway Ideas for Valentines Day

Perfect Hotel Getway Ideas for Valentines Day

This February 14th, quite a few couples will be making their way to local hotels for Valentine’s Day. Some couples enjoy the high end hotels for an overnight to spoil themselves. Others More »

Drop Dead Gorgeous New Years Eve Dresses

Drop Dead Gorgeous New Years Eve Dresses

Usually we’re all about the sex toys and bondage gear, but there are some new dresses at Adam and Eve that we think would make the ultimate sexy look for your New More »

Bodywand Gems Massager

High Class Pleasure With The Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager

With all the sex toys we see at Adam and Eve, sometimes it takes a lot for us to step back and go ‘WOW’ when we see a new product. We’ve got More »

2014 Christmas Lingerie

Here Comes Santa! 2014 Christmas Lingerie

It’s that time of the year when lingerie designers send out their Santa themed goodies! There’s quite a collection of Christmas themed underwear at Adam and Eve this year, both for the More »

Silicone Power Cages For Ultimate Stimulation

Silicone Power Cages For Ultimate Stimulation

It’s time to talk about a toy for him! Penis rings are a great basic toy to use in the bedroom, but if you’re looking to upgrade from that single circle the More »

Sex Toys And Cell Phones - The We-Vibe 4 Plus

Sex Toys And Cell Phones – The We-Vibe 4 Plus

We all knew it would happen at one point. Cell phones can control so much these days, from turning the lights on in your house, to being your television’s remote control. Now More »

Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand

Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand Helps Your Dark Desires

When talking about glass toys, it’s easy to settle for the cheap discount brands. The problem is, though, that the lesser quality for some bargain basement glass sex toys certainly give you More »

Barely There Role Play Costumes

Barely There Role Play Costumes

Are you ready to check out some new barely there role play costumes? It’s that time of the year when all the sexy Halloween costumes come out, but we think these hot More »

Bathtub Masturbation Just Got Better

Bathtub Masturbation Just Got Better!

We’re willing to bet that at least a few of you ladies – and maybe a few guys as well – have enjoyed the pleasures of a shower head in your life. More »

When is sleeping around a bad idea

When Is Sleeping Around a Bad Idea

I tend to be a proponent of casual sex. I think people should generally experience one another sexually sooner rather than later to see if they are sexually compatible. I also think More »

Five Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

Five Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

 While we always want to be sure that you’re enjoying yourself in the bedroom, we also want to be certain that you’re taking care of other parts of your body as well. We’ve found that many women still make common mistakes when it comes to their beauty routines that will have an effect on not only your health, but your self-confidence as well. Are you making these five beauty mistakes?

Sex Toys and the Disabled

magic massager

Just because someone has physical limitations, it doesn’t mean that they can’t fully enjoy their sexuality. And sex toys can be a great way for individuals and couples affected by disability to not only get their groove on but to actually assist in the sex act.

Getting Him To Up His Game In The Bedroom

Getting Him To Up His Game In The Bedroom

 Are you somewhat satisfied in the bedroom, but there are a few small things you wish your guy would work on? Does he stick to the same old routine all the time? Are you struggling to orgasm as much as he is? Here are some quick tips to help improve your communication and get what you want in the bedroom.

My Learning Begins With The Anal Fantasy Starter Collection

My Learning Begins With The Anal Fantasy Starter Collection

I knew that I needed to prepare for my first time having anal sex with my boyfriend. We had read all we could about anal sex training, bought the small toys for me to learn on, and even got some new bed sheets for the occasion. The one thing that we were missing was the lube. Rather than just settle on a single bottle, we went with the Anal Fantasy Starter Collection that we picked up from Adam and Eve online.

Pegging Play


The term “pegging play” may elicit a few quizzical looks out there. And for good reason, it actually is a fairly new term in the sexual lexicon. It’s simply strap-on sex where a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo.

Using Condoms On Sex Toys

Using Condoms On Sex Toys

Let me guess – the first thing that pops into your mind when discussing using condoms on sex toys is that’s a waste of a condom. You can’t get pregnant from a dildo and a vibrator isn’t going to give you an STD, right? Well, mostly right. Here are some reasons you may want to play it safe and use a condom with your sex toy.

Would You Go Out With Yourself?

Would You Go Out With Yourself

At one point or another, we all go in search of that special someone. Maybe you’ve found them, but they aren’t quite as receptive to the relationship as you are. Have you ever stepped back and applied what you’re looking for in a partner to yourself? Would you actually go out with yourself?

Upgrade Your Magic Wand With These New Attachments

Upgrade Your Magic Wand

How do you make one of the most popular sex toys in the world that much better? By adding a brand new tip to the powerful vibrating head! Whether you stick to the traditional “Magic Wand”, Adam and Eve’s own “Magic Massager”, or any of the other wand massagers on the market, you can take your sex toy to the next level with these super seductive wand attachments.

All About Fetishes

All About Fetishes

It’s a word we miss-use all the time. Much like the word addiction, we have forgotten or never knew the true meaning. I’m talking about the word “fetish”. You know how people say, “Oh, I so have a fetish for Louboutin shoes” or rocky road ice cream or any item anyone wants to insert? We use it because it’s an interesting and easy word to throw in the mix to convey how obsessed or how much we like something or someone.

The Seven Minute Relationship Fix

the seven minute relationship fix

We all go through relationship problems at time, but what if you start to notice that yours is starting to go on the decline? Is there a ‘quick fix’ way to be sure that your connection with your partner stays intact? You might think this was a gimmick, but a recent university study showed that in less than seven minutes you can save your relationship from falling apart.