Five First Date Faux Pas For Guys

Five First Date Faux Pas For Guys

There’s plenty of advice for the ladies out there when it comes to what to say  – or not say – on a first date. We thought it was time to give More »

Is Sex On The First Date Taboo

Is Sex On The First Date Taboo?

Sex on the first date – is it the death nail in a potential relationship, or is it not that big of a deal? We gathered a collection of twenty and thirty More »

Metal & Glass Anal Toys As Beginners Butt Playthings

Metal & Glass Anal Toys As Beginners Butt Playthings

If you’re new to the world of anal pleasures, you might be having a tough time navigating all the plugs, vibes and dildos out there that are designed to be used up More »

How Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work

How Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work?

Some women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to make their breasts look better. Uplifting bras, pectoral exercisers, pills, potions and even surgery all happen in the name of breast enhancement. One More »


Are Tongue Vibrators Only For Lazy Oral Lovers?

You might have spotted them while clicking through the oral sex toys on Adam and Eve – tongue vibrators. These small vibes that get strapped onto your tongue to help you perform More »

gag reflex

Avoiding the Gag Reflex

Many a woman – and I’m sure a few guys out there have experienced that annoying gag sensation while giving a blowjob. For some it can be a real problem. The feeling More »

Even More Sex Facts

Even More Sex Facts You Probably Never Knew

It’s been a while since we broke out the random collection of sex facts that we love to share with our readers. While the more educated sexperts who read our blog may More »

Finding A Polyamorous Partner

Finding A Polyamorous Partner

Since the speculation over Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin possibly-polyamorous relationship has been the celeb gossip press, there’s been more and more chatter around polyamorous – or open – relationships. If you’re More »

Beginners Pubic Shaving Tips

How To Take It All Off – Beginners Pubic Shaving Tips

Pubic hair shaving may seem like a passing thought for men and women who have been doing it for years, but you have to admit – that very first time you pressed More »

Can I Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy

Can I Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?

Today we’re tackling a question from one of our blog readers – on the topic of sex toys during pregnancy. Hi! I’m Leah and I’m currently six months pregnant with my first More »

5 Things You Need For A Sexy Sleepover

5 Things You Need For A Sexy Sleepover

When it comes to inviting someone over to your house for a little nookie, if you don’t have all the essentials, you can bet there won’t be a next time. Just like your first impression lasts the longest, the impression of your living arrangement can change that impression – either for worse or for better. For some reason, people still make the same mistakes over and over again and they wonder why no one wants to come back.

Why We Have Sex

Why We Have Sex

Why do we have sex? Well, beyond the fact it feels good it seems that there are two main motives behind our desire to get down. Two recent studies from the University of Toronto examine two broad rationales behind sex in long term relationships. Basically it all comes down to avoidance or approach.

When Kinky Toys Look Medieval

Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel

I’ve got to admit, when by boyfriend presented me with a necklace sized box the other night, the last thing I thought would be inside would resemble some sort of medieval torture device. With a devilish look in his eyes, I gave him permission to try out his newest toy on me – the Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel.

Exploring Sensation Play

Exploring Sensation Play

When I tell people I went through a sensorium exercise in school they look at me pretty perplexed. In the years since, I’ve suggested sensoriums for clients. Sensoriums are simply an exercise where one person is blindfolded and led to a room that is filled with as many non-visual sensory experiences as possible.

Can I Really Stick My Sex Toys In The Dishwasher

Can I Really Stick My Sex Toys In The Dishwasher

One of the less enjoyable parts of playing with sex toys is the clean up after the fact. If you are anything like us, gathering up the energy to wash down your favorite toy after an evening full of ‘activity’ is the last thing on your mind. But what if it was as easy as sticking it in the dishwasher? For some toys, it is!

Orange Sex Toys Lover

orange sex toys

Halloween was over and still can’t get enough of that lovely Halloween orange color?  We’ve got a selection of orange sex toys that would be the perfect post-Halloween gift for your lover.

Adult Edibles For Your Naughty Trick or Treat

Adult Edibles For Your Naughty Trick or Treat

Having an adult costume party and looking for some candy favors? Sure, you could go out and get a few bags of candy at your local grocery store, but what about those trick or treaters who are looking for something a bit more sexy? It’s time to put down the mini candy bars and check out the more adult sweets that will tempt other parts of your body beyond your taste buds!

Is Halloween Candy Affecting Your Sex Drive?

Is Halloween Candy Affecting Your Sex Drive

Pretty soon, a lot of us will have bowls of leftover candy from Halloween, or at the very least a share of our children’s stash! But did you know that all that sugar could really have an effect on your sex drive? So before you open up that packet of jelly beans, or down your third mini candy bar, you might want to think about this if you want to keep your libido in check!

Video: Fifty Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator

“I call again, pleading, as he moves the sleek wand in and out of me. … I become all body and spiraling sensation and sweet, sweet release.” –excerpt from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

The tip of the vibrator is specially designed for G-Spot stimulation. The curve is specifically angled to make it easier for you to find your G-Spot. And the tip is enlarged to make it easier to stimulate the G-Spot after you find it.

Exploring ElectroSex Toys

Exploring ElectroSex Toys

 Looking for a new sensory activity to explore with your partner? Into BDSM but want to move away from impact toys as a pain delivery system? The world of electrosex toys may be one that is not used by many beginner S&M enthusiasts, but with a bit of learning this style of play may open up new avenues to explore.