5 Excuses Guys Use For Not Wearing Condoms And How To Overcome Them

 Our team here at Adam and Eve do our best to provide you with as much information about safe sex as possible. Number one at the top of that list is to always use a condom when you are having sexual relations in a possibly unsafe environment.  But sometimes, it’s hard to overcome those excuses that some guys lay down to get out of wearing a rubber. We’ve taken the top five that we hear all the time, and give you ways to work around them.

excuses for not wearing condomsExcuse #1 – They don’t feel as good as going bareback.
This has to be the most popular excuse by far as to why a guy won’t put on a condom. Sure, there certainly is a difference in sensation when a condom is worn, but if you are thinking in the long run, a case of gonorrhea or herpes is going to be a lot more uncomfortable than a small layer of latex! Suggest to your lover that you use a condom with additional texture like the Adam and Eve ribbed condoms, or a thinner variety like the Lifestyles Sheer Pleasure which allow the wearer to feel that much more.

Excuse #2 – I can’t find a condom that fits me right.
Some guys, be them well-endowed or a bit smaller in the penis department, do genuinely have trouble finding a well-fitting condom. Thankfully, condoms come in a wide range of sizes and widths, to fit almost every guy out there. For the guy who is a bit on the narrow side, condoms like the Iron Grip will fit snugly enough to keep you both safe from STD and STI transmission. For the larger lads, Trojan’s Magnum Ecstasy Condoms are ideal, as they don’t have the bulky and awkward design that large size condoms have suffered through in the past.

Excuse #3 – I’ve been tested, so I know I’m clean.
This excuse can test the levels of trust between a couple. Even if he has genuinely been tested and is clear, a lot can happen in between test date and result date. Some STDs also take months to show up on tests, even when the person is already infected. One way to think about it – do you trust this man to take care of you through illnesses associated with sexually transmitted diseases? If the answer is no, then you don’t trust him enough to be clean in the first place. Remind your partner that he can also contract diseases from you, so it’s not just your health in the picture. Let your lover know that you believe that he’s been tested, but you’d rather play it safe – for both your sakes.

Excuse #4 – I thought you said you were on the pill anyway?
Even if you are on the pill, we’ve all heard stories about friends that have got pregnant anyway. Pills are not 100% effective against pregnancies, and the pill won’t protect you from disease or infection. If pregnancy truly isn’t a worry for you, condoms without spermicide, like those in the Rapture Condom Collection are always an option for you.

Excuse #5 – I’m allergic to latex.
A genuine latex allergy can create a lot of problem for the guy if all you have to hand are latex condoms. That’s why we suggest that you have a few non-latex based condoms at hand just for cases like this. Since latex allergies are on the rise, the major condom manufacturers have all come out with a line of polyurethane or natural skin condoms, like the Lifestyles Skyn condoms. These are made from polyisoprene, so your man won’t end up with an allergic reaction from slipping on of these on.

But the one comment that you can give that’ll get him to put one on no matter what the excuse? You won’t have sex without one, since you’re health and well-being is more important than a few moments of lust.