5 Tips to Seduce Her

Women want to feel appreciated, safe and secure in the sex act. All three are important when seducing women. Here are more tips to get her in the right ‘head-space’ for sex.

 Use Your Words

Words are the first stop to meeting her

desires. Language means connection, which helps to establish that this lover is safe and appreciative of who she is.  You don’t have to recite poetry, but focus on refining your conversation skills. It will also help you communicate about one another’s needs during sex.

Talking about her interests and dreams is the first place to start. People love to feel that they are interesting.

Bold – not Overbearing

Let her know you are interested, but don’t put her on the spot. She needs to know that you are attracted to her, but too much ‘forward’ energy can make her feel pressured. One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is feeling that sex is expected of her. 


Mind Foreplay

When a woman’s brain is stimulated her body is not far behind. Women love to use their brains in sex. Incorporating a sexual scenario/fantasy into your love life can open up many different possibilities with a new partner. 5 Tips to Seduce Her

Take Your Time

Sexual arousal can arrive almost instantaneously for some women. But most will not act on that arousal until they know they are emotionally and physically safe. Therefore, take your time and enjoy the process. 

Build Anticipation

Women have sex thrust into their faces at many more occasions than men. They are accustomed to thwarting advances. While you must never make her feel rejected, you can fuel her desire by letting her wait for sex a little. Anticipation is one of the most successful aphrodisiacs.

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