7 Rules for Sexting

Unless you have been living under a rock, or in certain parts of Alabama, chances are you know that sexting means sending dirty messages or images via mobile devices.  Today’s technology is evolving and advancing so quickly, it allows amorous parties to communicate dirty thoughts from the privacy of their cell phones when more conventional lines of communication are unfeasible. However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for along the way. So, let’s take a look at some of the basic rules of thumb on sending naughty messages to the ones you admire.


7 rules to sexting

  1. Make Sure It Is OK First!  For those of us just starting to get to know that special someone, make sure that they are receptive to receiving playful sexually suggestive messages first. Nothing kills a new romance faster than being overly aggressive when they are trying to take things slow and steady.
  2. Start Slow!  Don’t jump right in with overly explicit dirty talk. Like with any seduction, work your way up to the Full Monty.  It’s easy to cross that line from entertaining to creepy if the other person isn’t responding in kind.
  3. Don’t Show Your Face! If you insist on sending nude pictures, do not show your face. Once you put the image out there, there is no way to un-send it. You are putting a lot of faith in the other person that they are not going to post it online or blackmail you with it if you decide to run for political office in the future. So, for your own safety, never show your face.
  4. Wait For A Response! Don’t send numerous messages if the other person isn’t responding. You certainly don’t want to come across as desperate and pathetic. It is quite possible the other person is tied up and will not be able to respond immediately. So just wait it out. If they think of you in the same way, they will eventually respond.
  5. Don’t Take Sexting Too Seriously! Sexting is the new flirting. Yes, the person you are sexting back and forth with is interested in you. That does not mean the next time you are together they are just going to hop right into bed and be a sexual wildcat. Sexting is a great way of getting over shyness and adding sexual spark to the relationship. But, you still have to follow the normal rules of dating and seduction.
  6. It Is Still Cheating! The answer is yes. If you are in a serious relationship and you are sexting other people, this is still infidelity. If you are sending your private parts to the neighbor, chances are your current relationship is not going to last much longer, especially if your partner happens to check your phone while you are out of the room. Which leads us to….
  7. Delete Everything! While it’s titillating to be able to go back and view the pictures and messages you shared with someone you are interested in, you should still delete everything when you are done. Kids, friends, lovers all have prying eyes. Leave no trace of your conversations if you are in any danger of having their contents spied upon.