Advanced Lesson: Sex Positions

I told you about a few of my favorite sex positions in a previous article, but I want to get back to the topic because there are a few more you might not have heard of yet. This will be a little like an advanced AP sex position course. Or if they sound familiar you now have a name for them.  Changing up your sex positions can be really exciting.  Each time you move around it resets your body a little – perhaps making him last longer and giving her more pleasure.  Like beautiful figure skaters you’ll be making sweet synchronized love in no time at all.

maximilian sex positions

The Miranda Rights – This is a position where the woman is facing the wall with her arms up as if she’s being pat down and possibly arrested – hence where the name comes from. But instead of reading the Miranda rights tell her how much you want to be inside her. Men – grab her waist and hold her as you insert.  You want to keep her steady. Grab a stool for size differences.

The Ship Captain – Land ho! This position gives a new twist to missionary. When he’s on top pop your legs over his shoulder. Tell him to hold on to your ankles as he steers the ship to the nearest landmass of orgasmic gold.

The Machine Gunner – The enemy is fast approaching – quick grab your woman and strap her to your waist. This position is a little like the rock you like a hurricane, but the opposite. This one can get a little difficult and may take practice but you’ll get the hint soon enough. Imagine doggy style but with no bed – if he’s strong enough he’ll be able to hold you up.

Hope these help. Next time you’re making nookie try one of these new positions.  Practice makes perfect! So make sure to practice everyday…. if you know what I mean.


Watch for more sex tips and advise from yours truly, Maximilian



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