Bridesmaids Get Cheeky

Wedding season is upon us and of course there are do’s, don’ts and rules to keep up with so we can all compete for the title of best wedding. There’s another wedding trend that we all have to contend with and the consensus seems pretty split as to its appropriateness. Bridesmaids are now baring their bottoms in wedding photo shoots. Yes, the wedding photographer gets the benefit of capturing everyone’s ass in the right light.

We don’t know who started the trend but apparently it has been lighting up the internet – go ahead Google it. Because of course, that is where all of these bottom-baring photos will end up. Some people think it’s cute and coquettish while others find it outlandish to challenge the sanctity of marriage. Is it in bad taste? Well, I suppose it’s how you feel about it. If you have no problem showing off your nether regions to future grandchildren and you don’t mind if the president of the PTA eventually finds your pic on the world wide web (some shots avoid showing the face of the bridesmaid), I suppose it’s another way to add character and some say sexiness to the wedding proceedings.Bridesmaids Get CheekyAfter all, I’m sure it wasn’t long ago that it was shocking when men would remove the bride’s garter – let alone with his teeth. It’s just now that we have the internet, we can all let our judgments fly. If you’ve got a little bit of exhibitionist in you, it might appeal to you. And I would argue that social media has made many more an exhibitionist than there used to be. I just want to know when the groomsmen are going to ante up and drop trou. At least then it would be equal opportunity.

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