Bring Up Using a Condom

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently reported a sharp decrease in the use of condoms by teenagers. According to their survey, nearly half of all high school students admit to having sex, yet only 60% are using protection. Sixty percent may seem like a lot, but consider that four out of every 10 new HIV infections occurs in people under the age of 30.

Not to mention that infections such as syphilis and gonorrhea are reaching near epidemic proportions in the US and Canada. Both of these diseases are easily preventable by using a condom. Worse, with every generation, many STIs are becoming immune to the drugs we have available for treatment.

The drop in condom usage, unfortunately, is not only limited to teens. There has been a significant drop in the usage rates among adults, too. It seems that all too often we are too intimidated or nervous to bring up the subject of condom usage to our casual sex partners and leave too many things to chance. So, here are a few tips to help broach the subject.

  1. The Direct Approach.  Be clear and concise. If you want to have sex with me, the only option is with a condom.
  2. Pick Your Favorite Color!  When it’s time for sex, playfully say to your partner, “I have six colors of condoms here, which color do you want to use?”
  3. The Sexy Come-On! Tell your partner you want to be the one to put the condom on his unit as it gets you hot and bothered and in the mood. Who could object to that?!
  4. Invoking Fear! If you wanted to be a bit more devious, you can always tell your partner you are just getting over treatment for an STI and don’t want to risk passing it along. This should get the condom on pretty quick.

Of course, men being men, you are going to hear the same old objections: “It’s uncomfortable.” “I won’t feel anything.” “Don’t you trust me?” You just have to be firm and hold your ground. If they want to have sex with you bad enough, they will wrap it up. If they still don’t want to, it’s not worth the risk.

Please leave us your stories of the excuses your partners have made as to why they don’t want to wear a condom! How did you handle it?