Condoms 101

We all know that condoms are one of the most widely used methods to prevent disease transmission and unwanted pregnancies, but the team at Adam and Eve get quite a few basic questions about their use. We decided to put together a review for all our readers to ensure they are getting the best use from their rubbers, jimmy hats, raincoats, hoodie or any other name that these little wonders go by.

  • Make sure you are keeping your condoms in the right environment and for the right amount of time. Condoms like room temperature places, so your glove compartment or a wallet that you keep in your back pocket. They also have expiration dates printed on the box, as well as the individual packet. This expiration date not only covers the amount of time that the material that the condom is made of, but the freshness of any added liquids to the condom, such as lube or spermicide.

    condom 101

  • Take care when opening and rolling down your condom. Don’t rip open the packet with your teeth. Not only does it risk tearing the actual condom, it won’t taste great either. When you place the condom over the erect penis, pinch the tip so that you leave enough room for a reservoir. Keep this part pinched as you roll the remaining part of the condom down the shaft.
  • When you are adding lubrication, only used a water based lube. Oil based lubes, lotions, and even foods can wear down the thin layer of protection and eventually break the condom itself.
  • The typical condom is made for a man with a penis length of four to seven inches. If you are longer than this, or you find condoms either don’t fit your entire shaft or are much too tight, you should look to get condoms that are made for larger sized men.
  • The majority of condoms are made from latex. If you have a latex allergy or sensitivity, there are condoms on the market made from sheep or lamb skin. If you use sheepskin or lambskin condoms, please be aware that these do not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If you prefer a non-animal based condom, there also condoms made from polyisoprene, which do stop the transmission of AIDS and other STDs.
  • Needless to say, if your condom breaks during intercourse, discontinue sex and put on a new condom. Never reuse condoms.