Dirty Sex Fantasies – Are Your Fantasies “Normal”?

My sex fantasies are dirty, like so dirty they make me embarrassed to share them. However, I am not so sure I would ever want any of them to come true. So, I began to wonder if this is normal. Does everyone fantasize about crazy sexual depravity, but understands that the difference between fantasy and the reality of these situations are quite vast.

sex fantasies

Brett Kahr, a British psychologist, interviewed 18,000 subjects in preparation for his book Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head: The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies. He discovered that 95% of those interviewed have never revealed the details of their fantasies to another person.  Who knows why? Shame? Feelings of perversion? Scared of what your lover might think? Kahr’s research shows that fantasies about bondage, incest, sadomasochism, and voyeurism are all part of the varied fantasy life of “normal” people.

We don’t want to talk about these things. But it’s all stuff we seemingly fantasize about. Also, my feeling is, this is stuff that is fun to fantasize about, but we would never engage in most of these practices in real life. Some, sure. A little light bondage is great. But, incest? No, though it is a common fantasy.

So , we are all pretty much anonymous here. What are some of the fantasies you have but would probably never want to live out?

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