Dirty Talk

Having an absolutely filthy mouth in bed is important. I’d even go so far as saying it’s vital. Dirty talk can be essential to the energy of a vibrant and erotically charged sex life. You never want to be able to hear a pin drop while your having sex – just the same way a comedian doesn’t want to hear crickets after a punch line.

For women, being told all the places your going to touch her can really make her dripping wet. That is of course if you say the right thing.

maximilian dirty talk

Dirty talk can be little like impromptu. You have to be quick on your feet. You also don’t want to start saying the same things over and over again. And don’t be afraid of going out of character. Change is good. Confidence is key. There are a million combinations of ways to say you want to make her cum and how you’ll get there. Tell her how you’ll start and with what tool – human or machine. Tell her how bad you want to be inside her and how you’ve been dreaming of it all day at work.  Tell her how bad you want to suck on her nipples and squeeze her breasts. Her breasts can be an incredibly erogenous zone – teasing the nipples by nibbling and lightly pinching or perhaps with some clamps can really make her turned on. You can also tell her how bad you want to lick her clitoris and taste her. Tell her you love the way she tastes – make her feel confident and don’t be afraid of getting a little messy. You might get a little dough on your hands, but nothing that can’t be cleaned up by putting your fingers in her mouth and telling her to suck on them. You can also tell her to do things to you too. Tell her where to put her mouth and fingers.  Tell her how fast or how slow. Be a little firm with her and show a little dominance. Dominance can be hot.  And when you’re making love ask her how she likes it. Ask her how it feels inside her. Ask her what she wants. Tell her how you’re going to make love to her and in what way.

Remember though, small talk during sex can be like turning the cold water on. Stick to the dirty talk and don’t be hesitant about using words you wouldn’t normally use. Surprise her and surprise yourself. Sex should be an exploration.

Watch for more sex tips and advise from yours truly, Maximilian


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