Disability and Sex Props

At AdamandEve.com, we’ve received many questions about how to assist those with physical disabilities in enjoying sex more. There’s a plethora of products that can be used to facilitate sex by making it easier and more pleasurable for those with physical limitations. Here are just a few that we carry.

Slings and Swings

http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/sex-swings/sp-deluxe-fantasy-door-swing-88349.aspx or http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/sex-swings/sp-fetish-fantasy-swing-80872.aspx

Who does it help? Those that are unable to bear the full body weight of their partner.

How does it help? It gives partners the freedom to get in elevated sex positions that would not likely be able to achieve otherwise.


Who does it help? This product is for those who either do not have upper body strength or those who cannot stay on their knees for long periods of time.

How does it help? The strap allows the kneeling partner to lift the pelvis of the penetrative partner. This can work for either men or women in rear entry positions. It can also take weight off of the partner being penetrated if they have weak knees.


Who does it help? This product was designed for those that have either weak lower body/abdominal strength or for those who are unable to hold up their legs unaided.

How does it help? The Sex Sling uses your leverage to lift your legs high in the air and maintain a high hip position – hands-free.

Disability and Sex Props

Wedges, Pillows and Furniture

http://www.adameve.com/sexy-extras/sex-furniture-props/sp-liberator-wedge-7399.aspx  or  http://www.adameve.com/sexy-extras/sex-furniture-props/sp-adam-eve-diamond-love-cushion-76537.aspx

Who does it help? These products are helpful for people with lower back issues.

How does it help? By tilting the pelvis, pressure is taken off of the area, allowing for more pleasurable front entry.


Who does it help? Liberator has helped to create a whole industry of sex furniture for fun and for helpfulness. This ramp/wedge combo is very popular for those with neck and mid-upper back issues.

How does it help? It assists those who experience muscle fatigue from anal or oral sex.


Who does it help? A number of people who simply have a difficult time getting into comfortable sex positions.

How does it help? Rather than using multiple pillows to achieve a variety of sex positions, this one inflatable pillow allows pressure to evenly distribute so that it can allow for everything from easier missionary position for someone who has lower back problems to lifting the pelvis in women who have vaginal prolapse.


Who does it help? Take pressure off of your partner’s back, while also giving their tired joints a break.

How does it help? Even your favorite positions just got better as your bodies take advantage of the “bounce” seat on a sturdy steel frame (holds up to 300 lbs.).

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