Don’t Come Just Yet Please!

Uhhgggg….why does my boyfriend always come before me? I’ve heard that guys do this all the time, but it’s annoying! Luckily, I have some vibrating little friends, but once and a while I’d like him to last a little longer. Maybe there is something I can do instead of getting frustrated each time? I’ve heard of tantric sex and I’ve heard of meditation, but those take too much time and too much concentration. I’ve been asking some of my guys friends how they try and hold on so I can pass on some wisdom to my boyfriend, but it seems like a pretty universal problem.  I don’t know what to do!

premature ejaculation

Doctors and scientists say that premature ejaculation is a common problem. A famous sex scientist once said that 75% percent of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of insertion in over half of their sexual encounters! Two minutes! But there is also lots of debate about this topic.  They say it can also depend on low long you want sex to last. What if I want sex to last way longer than 2 minutes? I probably need at least 20 to 30 minutes, but how am I going to get there with a lame horse of a boyfriend? I’ve heard some friends say they think about weird scenarios like taking their dog for a walk or visiting their grandma. One friend said he does mental algebra when he doesn’t want to come. Nerd alert! But what if I don’t want my boyfriend to be thinking about his grandmother during sex? Weird! Some friends say they take pills to last longer in bed, but that seems too risky. Here are a few tips that seem relatively smart and they worked after I had my boyfriend try them.

  1. Stop thinking about how good it’s going to be to come! Think about the moment. Think about how great it is to be intimate. Be present. Don’t think about my naked body and my screaming your name, but the little details – the more you think about coming the more the brain will trick you into doing so too soon.  If you think about the rest of the body it will trick the brain in the other direction!
  2. Don’t go all the way in the whole time! Spend some time on the outside where my sensitive parts are!
  3. Just like you hold your pee when you’re driving you can hold the mechanism responsible for ejaculating. Practice it!
  4. Squeeze the tip of the penis. There’s all this fluid rushing around in there. If you squeeze you’ll hold that orgasm back like a wild dog.
  5. This one worked the best for us: stop and go.  Before you feel like you’re about to come stop for a few seconds and start only when you’re ready. Keep practicing this until you get better endurance.

Pass these tips onto your boyfriend and if he doesn’t open the door for you or leave the toilet seat up maybe he can start with this. Nothing is hotter than chivalry and nothing is better than good sex!

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