Easy Ways to Spice it Up in the Bedroom

If you’re in a position where it feels like the sex is starting to get a little stale, you might be thinking that it’s a problem with the relationship. What it could actually be is that the excitement in the bedroom has never really been brought to a high level. Using the basic positions and the same old foreplay is going to get boring really fast. spice it up in the bedroomAfter realizing that several of my friends were dealing with this problem, I decided that writing up a little something for everyone at there could save a lot of people the trouble of boredom. Here are some of the ways I spice it up in the bedroom.

Get a Sling

While you might be rocking the bed, the bed isn’t actually going to move much. If you want to get some momentum during those hot nights, you NEED to try out a sling. When I first got one, my sex life changed forever. I wouldn’t whip it out early on in any relationship, but I can only go at it so many times on a bed before I have to see what they can do with me when one of us is suspended from the ceiling. This might be a pretty basic strategy, but if you’ve never tried one, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Use Toys

I know that most of you think that your man or woman pleases you just fine. But if you’ve never brought a toy into it, you need to know that they aren’t just for times of loneliness. Toys add a third element to sex that normally isn’t there. It’s better than a threesome, safer than one, and it certainly doesn’t make things awkward with you and your partner. You’ll really learn what turns each other on when you grab a few simple toys from Adam & Eve, and once you do that, you’ll never go a single sex session without them.

Get it Outside the Bedroom

I hope you realize that the bed is not the only appropriate place to have wild sex with your partner, but if you don’t, then it’s important to state the obvious. Don’t ever be ashamed about looking to see where else you can take it besides the bedroom. Even if you want to keep in the home, that’s just fine. There are plenty of couches, computer chairs, and kitchen counters that could use a little bit of love to. You’ll figure out what furniture works and what doesn’t, and the bed will seem like a Neanderthal way of doing things.

Try Butt Sex

If you’ve never tried anal before, you need to give it a try to keep things ramped up in the sex life you and your partner have. Yes, it’s going to hurt at first, and you’ll need to use lots of lubricant. But after some time, you’ll begin to really appreciate what butt sex can do for both of you. There’s nothing disgusting about it as long as you don’t think there’s anything disgusting about it. Give it a try. I promise you that this not-so-simple change in your sex life is going to change the way you look at sex with each other, and will certainly contribute to you mixing it up each time you decide to get kinky.