Exciting Role Play Scenarios Wanted

Our latest fan question comes to us from Ryan and Maggie – a 29 year old married couple.

“My wife and I really enjoy role playing. We’ve done every stereotypical scenario imagined – student/teacher, boss/employee, cheerleader/football player, and even had a few rounds of ‘playing doctor’. We have exhausted what comes to mind when coming up with new role play scenarios and we are desperate for some new possibilities. Can you give us any suggestions?”

Our elite team of sexperts at Adam and Eve came together and came up with a few options for Ryan and Maggie.

It sounds like you both like power-exchange type scenarios, since most of the role plays you have discussed have someone who is in charge, and someone who isn’t. Keeping with this theme, there are a few more that you may have not explored. Have you done the cop / criminal thing? That can lend itself to a lot of possibilities, as well as the introduction of toys or props. Handcuffs, anyone?” – Mike

Exciting Role Play Scenarios Wanted“You could try out a French Maid and Butler game, where the maid needs to be ‘taught’ how to ‘clean’ correctly. If you’re a bit on the kinky side, you can also involve toys in this one, like a feather duster.”-Sarah

“This may not be role play in the classical sense, but have you ever thought about meeting somewhere – like a club or a restaurant and pretending that you are complete strangers? Maybe take on different personas – bring that whole element of ‘newness’ to the date. Flirting, pushing first-date boundaries, getting to know your date – all that fun that tends to disappear a few dates in. ”Alana

“Like Alana’s, this isn’t really role play, but you may be into this as well. Have you tried sensory deprivation? Take away a sense – usually sight is the easiest, with use of blindfolds. It certainly does bring a whole new element to your bedroom like role playing does. You can also try things like earplugs and hoods if you’re looking for more than just loss of sight. If you’re not into that, one pairing that you might not have tried out is cowgirl and cowboy.”Casey

“Try role play that involves someone coming to the house. One of you would remain ‘you’, while the other plays the letter carrier, meter reader, pizza delivery guy, door-to-door cosmetics salesperson, that kind of thing. Maybe strip-o-gram! “Anthony